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Big talk from Mr. 5.5 percent

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Hey Jeb: Before you talk about my ‘fall,’ try getting as far as I got

CainTV: Someone should tell Jeb Bush that I’ve accepted an invitation to speak at Donald Trump’s rally this coming Monday in Georgia. I accepted for a simple reason: He asked. But Gov. Bush seems weirdly interested these days in the connection – if only in his own mind – between what he thinks happened to me and what he thinks is going to happen to Trump. read more

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  1. I was for the Hermanator…once, long ago, in a galaxy that now seems far, far away.

    It was a galaxy where it was hard to believe that Obummer would win a second term.

    Hell, I still have the yard sign.

  2. I think there was a song written about this Jebby that went something like this:

    Well here comes Jebby with his pecker in his hand
    He’s a one ball man and he’s off to the nomination
    And it’s allemande left and allemande right
    Come on ya fuckin’ dummy get your right step right
    Get off the stage ya god damn fool,y’know
    Ya’ Piss me off, you fucking jerk, ya’ get on my nerves.

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