Big Tech Billionaires Plotting to Burn Large Piles of Cash

Diogenes’ Middle Finger: LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman, who notoriously backed a group that “spread disinformation during the 2017 Alabama special election for U.S. Senate,” is now being joined by other Big Tech billionaires to set fire to large piles of cash in an attempt to boost the Democrat’s nominee for president. According to Vox Recode “sweeping plans” are “poised to make these billionaires some of the country’s most influential people when it comes to shaping the November results.” These billionaires plans include funding divisive partisan news sites. read more

11 Comments on Big Tech Billionaires Plotting to Burn Large Piles of Cash

  1. People think the way they are told to think.

    The more subtly they are told how to think, the more they will believe they are thinking for themselves even though they are not.

    This is the age of deception, and the majority of people will end up deceiving themselves without being aware they are doing it.

    Be aware of the trap if you want to escape it. Think for yourself, if you can, and try to encourage others to do the same.

  2. Ho-hum – Bloomberg thought spending shitloads of cash would win the day, too.
    How can such wealthy, “self-made” men be so obtuse?

  3. They left locked everyone in their homes and then they gonna tell everyone Trump’s an authoritarian.

    What a strategy! What a country!

  4. Interesting how the Democrats will be silent about billionaires spending money to influence elections.

  5. They left locked everyone in their homes….^^^^ It was Trump who started it all because he took faucis’ word on it.

  6. “Vox Recode” lol

    “These billionaires plans include funding divisive partisan news sites.”

    Cheer up, laid-off journos. You may not have to learn to code. Or recode. At least until after the election.

  7. Twitter has no fear. And there’s no reason for them to fear.

    Removing that 230 exemption is something congress has to do. And congress will never do it in a million years. The thinks trump can do will last about two days until a federal judge issues an injunction and stops it cold.

    This is why twitter can just give trump the middle finger, like they did today with the second tweet they flagged.

  8. In the year 3535
    Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies.
    Everything you think, do and say, is in the pill you took today.

    Maybe 2020, but doesn’t work on Democrats.

  9. CC – Bloomberg cash got what he wanted in VA by supporting demoncrats. It just didn’t work for him personally because he’s a douche. Big money works… against us.


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