Big Tech Denies Leftwing Bias During Hearings as They Censor and Demonetize the Right

9 Comments on Big Tech Denies Leftwing Bias During Hearings as They Censor and Demonetize the Right

  1. Their values? The fuckwads can start respecting our values or get their asses out of the country. They are lucky they are here at all.

  2. Tossing non-Indo, white, qualified American citizens under the bus by importing anti-American workers as a new ruling class. This dude himself is an ethnic subversive. Congress is subversive to the people.

    Turkeys Vote for Christmas—GOP Votes to Import Leftist Indian Overclass (And Also Depress Tech Wages)
    “Without a single hearing, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill last week that would shaft middle-class Americans, benefit Big Tech, and elect a new Leftist Overclass. HR 1044, The “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act,” which should really be called the American Tech Worker Immiseration and Indian Overclass Importation Bill, would eliminate sensible country work-visa caps, with the result that Indians are likely to monopolize the skilled immigration inflow. The vote was 365-65, with 140 Republicans for and just 57 against. [H.R. 1044: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2019,] Thus does the GOP/GAP, however much improved on immigration rhetoric under President Trump, remain in thrall to the Chamber of Commerce—not least Big Tech, which hates the GOP and white America.”

  3. Time to WAKE UP, America. Our ENEMY is ALREADY here.

    Charting The Jew York Times’ Narrative, Part Three [Updated]

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  4. Just a thought, the only way you’re going to force these guys out of the companies they control (oh, and it might be worthwhile to check to see which of the public companies have “special voting” shares controlled by these fascist acting leaders to ensure control even if they no longer hold the majority of voting shares. It’s how companies like the NYT stay inside a family) is to attack their platforms. They’re too big to buy and usually the direction taken by the company both in public and more importantly in private, is dictated by these fellows. If, however, their platforms were to become unstable and/or unusable for periods of time at random intervals the pressure on them to either correct the problem or get out could become unbearable and the stockholders very vocal as advertising customers and those that pay for specific services drop off.
    Hey, it beats storming the headquarters with pitchforks and torches 🙂


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