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  1. We’ve Got Chickens!!!!
    Chickens! Do you hear?

    When Apple dude died, so did the company. It’s nothing but chochkies.
    I’m looking at all the apps and I think- Yeah, but I don’t need any of this. How hard is it to open your actual wallet? Start your car with a key? At least they are physical and always there no matter what.

  2. Some of the car makers are going to put apps in the vehicles to remind people that their kids are in the car!
    Idiocracy indeed!!!

  3. And they laughed at me 10 years ago
    when I said there will be a computer/wireless
    devise on your refrigerator and that it would
    be connected to the internet.
    How about a shock collar for all citizens.The
    friendly government can control it.No more beer,
    you had enough,No more sandwich, 1/2 is enough.
    BUZZZAPPPOW !!!! You will comply.

  4. Big tech companies are zombified today because they have bureaucracies as deadly as the government. When Hewlitt-Packard was thriving with innovation they had a rule that when some product unit got too large it would be split into more nimble pieces. Steve Jobs led the Macintosh development from inside its own small building flying a pirate flag. Kinko’s started with one guy who had a newsstand and noticed that students really needed a copy machine. There are a ZILLION stories like that. But these big companies are so structured and so obsessed about their “process” and their “workflow” that no one has the authority to simply fix obvious gaps or do anything “insanely great” as Jobs put it.

  5. It is not limited to tangible products such as computer hardware. It is always a huge mistake to let marketing types control the product.

    The dynamic Jobs describes is exactly what is destroying NASCAR and it has infected PBR (Pro Bull Riders) and they have some delusion that they are going to take over rodeo and turn it into a televised sport. Their WCRA (World Championship Rodeo Alliance) is a PC pseudorodeo and won’t even get off the ground. One only needs watch the Bull Riders Only on VCR from the 1990’s and compare it to today’s PBR or even PBR from five years ago and compare it to the post Gleason PBR to appreciate what Jobs is talking about when the marketing jerks turn the whole operation into a get rich quick scheme that rapidly devolves into a three ring circlejerk before your very eyes.

  6. Recently we had to replace a toilet. We were told that there was a Blue Tooth toilet. I have no idea what the Blue Tooth controlled or did.

    We passed on it.


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