Big trouble brewing in Saudi Arabian Royal clan?

cat fight

A power struggle is emerging between Saudi Arabia’s two most powerful princes, analysts and diplomats say, as the secretive kingdom confronts some of its biggest challenges in years.

“A lot of people see this as a kind of a coup… that it’s one faction taking power for itself,” says Stephane Lacroix, a specialist in Saudi Arabia at Sciences Po university in Paris.  more here

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  1. The problem with a bench clearing civil war in Saudi Arabia is what would get unleashed on the world (remember they gave us Wahhabism which begat Al Qauda, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL etc etc) as there are lots and lots of Saudi’s who support and finance terror but are being largely held in check by internal security. The second thing to consider is who is going to pick up the pieces after they’re done killing each other? Iran, Russia, Egypt? It sure won’t be the US. Finally (and this really goes to the first two) who get’s their hands on all that modern fireposer the Saudi’s have bought from the West using the West’s own money? The one good thing that could come of an all out civil war is that fracking could get back on track along with cleaner coal and more oil exploration. It may finally get the middle eastern oil monkey off the West’s back (assuming that some power brokers in the West don’t try to scuttle a western energy recovery).

  2. Filthy. Moslem. Savages.

    Fuck ’em all. I hope we soon see stones from the Qaaba being sold on eBAY. I’d buy one just so I could pour piss and bacon fat on it and shit on it every day.

    Every Goddamned Day.

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