‘Bigfoot’ Sighting At National Park Causes Man To Start Shooting


An unidentified man claims he fired his gun after he saw Bigfoot at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. Brad Ginn and Madelyn Durand were asleep in their tent when they heard strange noises outside. They went out to investigate the sound and found a man and his son near their campsite. The man told them that something had destroyed their campsite and warned them that they were in “Bigfoot country.”

“He said I hope you have weapons and then he flashed his gun at us and was like ‘I have this so if anything happens to you then just yell and I’ll come,” Durand told WBKO.

After their encounter, the couple started walking back to their tent when they heard a gunshot. At that point, they decided to pack up their tent return to their car. As they were leaving, the man returned and told them he fired his gun after he saw Bigfoot emerge from the woods. MORE HERE

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  1. “…told the paper that it is legal to possess a firearm within most areas of the park, but discharging a gun is “strictly prohibited.”

    I love my country, but some of the rules are FUCKING RIDICULOUS!

  2. Andy’s dad – Here in Ohio it used to be (it may still be) that you could buy fireworks so long as you signed a paper that you would not use them.
    Wink, wink, nod, nod!

  3. Andy, find the law. You’ll find that discharging a gun without a defend-able reason is illegal. Just like here in Dallas. It’s really never as simple as not being able to ever pull a trigger within some defined territory.

    Shooting for no reason like 4th of July or New Years? You get a fine plus more if you’re a bad guy with a record.

    Shooting the guy trying to kill your dog in the back yard? Legit. No problem firing your weapon in the city then.

    If he was in fear for his life, he can be legit. Problem here as I see it – Seems hinky on the shooter’s part. The witnesses aren’t seeing the same thing as the shooter, just the shooter’s stories.

  4. This is why I stay home. If bigfoot gets into my trash and I kill him with the .308… nobody will ever know and I’ll just bury him in the junk pile.

  5. I appreciate the Publicity…But I rarely venture out since I got

    Satellite TV…Pretty sure Al Green is byproduct of My Drinking

    Days…Spring Break and the Seattle Zoo is a bit of a blur.

  6. Some variation of this story happened a few times at Boy Scout camp or out camping with friends. The early ones I was one of the ones hearing the story about something scary in the woods. During the later ones I was one of the guys telling a story about scary creatures seen in the woods at 3 a.m. to some rookie campers.

  7. Why would you shoot at it, or anything else, that isn’t threatening you?
    Sure, sighting a giant ape like thing in the woods would scare the shit out of you, but is that a reason to shoot at it? Unless it’s some animal rights tard trying to mess up the deer hunt. Then fire away!

  8. I’ll bet Bigfoot knows every word to “Kum By Ya” and “All God’s Critters got a Place in the Choir” and will sign them with you if you supply the beer and pretzels.

  9. So Rep. Al Green is trolling for votes in KY??? Is he going to be a late entry in the (d) “presidential” clown posse parade?

  10. i’m a believer. These things exist. We’re in the last days btw. God said it would be like the days of Noah. Shits gonna get more twisted than just an odd nephilim or two scaring campers.

  11. Damn straight Charlie. If my plan works, by next October I may have an armed contention of Bigfeet at battalion strength.

    If my plan works….. I can already foresee grooming standard issues with my troops.

  12. They all look like a bunch of Elvises. Can’t have no troopers with hippy sh!t growin’ out all over the place. Without grooming standards, the troops get sloppy…then other standards fall….no… the foundation of any battalion is built on….grooming standards.

    I need clean shaven Bigfeets for this deal to work…….. also….pants.


  13. Someone once said “If a brontosaurus showed up in TX, some throwback would claim the right to shoot it and have it stuffed.”
    This reminded me of that.

  14. Bigfoot in Kentucky?
    Too much Kentucky Bourbon, is more like it.

    EVERYBODY knows that the Pacific Northwest is Bigfoot country!
    (I seen it on TV)


    izlamo delenda est …


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