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Biggest “Luger”

Why go to Beijing or waste hours of time watching the winter Olympics on TV to see a good crash when you can watch Charlie Berens bring his Midwest sensibility to Utah’s Olympic luge run. Watch

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  1. Those Lugers are nuts. I would love to try that but I’m thinking I’d either hurt myself or embarrass myself. If I was to watch the Olympics this is one event that would be a can’t miss. Turns out I haven’t seen any. I like the heck out of Charlie Berens.

  2. I’m afraid that I would honk up a great big green lugee going down that bobsled slide. As well as leaving a giant brown skid mark behind me. The luge and the bobsleds were always my favorite part of the Winter Olympics but not this year.

  3. From the title was expecting something about big boogers. Boy, do I need coffee.

  4. He’s playing in NH next week but they require neg ccp virus test or proof of cash cow shot.
    Too bad.
    I would have gone.

  5. AnonTrooper
    FEBRUARY 18, 2022 AT 7:30 AM
    “From the title was expecting something about big boogers. Boy, do I need coffee.”

    …then this song’s for you.

    Coffee optional.

    Now this may sound disgusting an’ like very gross
    But it’s sure to have your trippin’
    So y’all listen close
    It’s not bright as the sun or sweet like sugar
    But it’s rather on the bug tip and it’s called Pickin’ Boogers
    Now what I’m emceein’ might not seem kosher to you
    But it’s still somethin’ we all have to do
    So go up your nose with a finger or two
    And pull out one or a crusty crew
    Yo, don’t try to front like it’s so gloomy and gray
    ‘Cause we all pick our boogers sometime every day
    Whether out in the open or on a sneak tip
    With a finger, tissue, or even a Q-Tip
    Take it from the Biz Markie because I’m jokin’
    And also, remember this slogan
    “Hey, ma, what’s for dinner?
    Go up your nose and pick yourself a winner”
    Pickin’ Boogers
    Let me tell you what happened on the train, man
    I was coolin’ one day with my partner Kane
    Headed up to the Rooftop, ridin’ the D train
    When the man sittin’ next to me was so profane
    He’d stick his finger up his nose, then do a drain
    (You should ‘a moved)
    I was just about, but al of a sudden, homeboy just pulled out
    A big green slimy nah I’m not neven gonna say it
    But it weighed a good pound if you tried to weigh it
    He sat there for a while with it in his hand
    So I tried to play cool and like ignore the man
    So I laid my head back to catch a quick a nap
    All of a sudden he plucked it dead in my lap
    Now Kane sat there laughing like it was all a joke
    But a brother like BizMarkie had almost choked
    So I dug up my nose and pulled out about five
    And plucked every last one of them dead in his eye
    Then the man jumped up and said “what’s wrong with you”
    And wiped them off his face and said “I can’t mess with you”
    Like if I did something that was so full of shame
    But yo you got to know the name of the game
    Pickin’ Boogers
    Now let me take a trip down memory lane
    Back in public school with my partner Kane
    When I was class clown, and he was my brother
    Sittin’ at the desk pluckin’ boogers at each other
    Never doin’ work as we was supposed
    Cause we was too busy diggin’ up our nose
    And in the lunchroom you would talk about rude
    God forbid the person that’d leave his food
    No matter who you are we didn’t give a damn
    We even put teachers down with the program
    Whether if it was a woman or if you a man
    We put boogers on our fingers then shake ya hand
    Catch anyone from anywhere
    But the best fun about it catchin’ Kane out there
    Especially when we playin’ ball in the gym
    I put boogers on the basketball and pass it to him
    Now we’re grown up and things have changed
    But we still be playin’ the pickin’ boogers game
    Just last night, when Kane was gettin’ ready
    I slipped a little green one inside his spaghetti
    Pickin’ Boogers
    Let me tell you what happened to me with this girl
    One night at Latin Quarters I was standin’ at ease
    I saw this gorgeous young lady that I wanted to skeez
    I didn’t show enough that I really did want it
    So, no half steppin’, I pushed up on it
    Pulled out the gold cable and I knocked her with phat
    Had a spotlight beamin’ on my BizMarck hat
    But when she stepped in the light and she got real close
    I saw a tiny weeny booger on the tip of her nose
    She was dressed real def and her body was hooked
    But that dried up booger just ruined her look
    I wanted to tell her about it but I couldn’t be bold
    So I played if off and said “that’s a cute green mole”
    I was hopin’ from that she would wipe it away
    But she didn’t do nothin’ I guess she wanted it to stay
    I said before you get my number, I don’t mean to diss you
    But write it in your hand because your gonna need the tissue”
    -“Pickin’ Boogers”, Biz Markie

  6. Why are all body products so disgusting? Snot, ear wax, dandruff, pimple juice, etc? Never mind the two big P’s.

    We humans all got them. My cats don’t have boogers. How did they luck out? Didja ever see a dog, cat, fish, or bird pick their noses? No, I never have. If I should be so lucky as to get to heaven, I’ll ask God: Why do we have these stomach- turning effluents? What’s the purpose?

  7. Luger story?

    This one’s for SNS…

    Back in the day when I had the FFL a woman was given my name to help sell off her late husband’s gun collection.

    Part of the collection was a luger 1918 mfg. if memory serves. Anyway, upon examination while trying to hide my excitement I noted serial number C 00001 all match. Not being familiar with Lugers I wasn’t familiar with dating or how serialization worked and I thought she really had something spectacular. Told her it might be worth serious money and needed to do my homework on that particular gun. Turns out they start with 1 thru 10.000 then add the letters so this was actually the 30,001 gun of manufacture for the year. Still the first of the “C Block” but not what I thought it was. Her husband was an ex-cop and really had some nice pieces. Did the best I could for her and cherry picked two revolvers for fair prices as payment for the sale of the collection piece meal. No internet and perhaps should have sent the Luger to Rock Island Auction House as I didn’t think she got enough for that one…

    Scares you when you think you have the first gun of manufacture for a particular run.

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