‘Bikers For Trump’ Event Got Rained Out, So The President Invited Them All Inside

DC: President Donald Trump greeted nearly 200 military veterans, law enforcement officers, supporters and members of the New Jersey chapter of “Bikers for Trump” at his Bedminster golf club on Saturday afternoon.  Go see

15 Comments on ‘Bikers For Trump’ Event Got Rained Out, So The President Invited Them All Inside

  1. So…. “bikers” are now law abiding citizens who meet with the president and crazy hippie protesters are the stereotypical violent thugs.


    More interesting with booze…..

  2. Oh, by the way this is the President the MSM hates and bad mouths 24/7.

    Thanks for your service Vets and Welcome Home.

  3. Obumbles would have just provided “Occupy Tents” for them to keep them from entering the building he was at.

  4. Trump, the man is awesome. Nothing the MSM, Progressives, or the enemies of decency say or do effects him at all, or anyone else.

  5. What a great thing to do. Obama would have canceled completely or stood close to the door while a Marine held an umbrella over his head.
    Pres. Trump is awesome.

  6. @ Aaron Burr – Not sure exactly what you are saying?

    What percentage and age of bikers below that ride:

    American made Hogs?
    Jap made Road Touring Bikes?
    Jap made burners??

    OF the above, what percentage of bikers are “non-violent, gang related, criminals”?

    Go ahead, tell me. Look it up.

    Oh, are you a Hippie?


  7. Sigh…. no Col. I’m a club member. Not a “biker”.

    What I’m saying is that I bemoan the gentrification of the motorcycle world. And i don’t just blame American Chopper or Sons of Anarchy. I blame Harley.

    See, in the old days, Harley made shovelheads. It’s what I ride. Shovelheads are made to be worked on, maintained. You get your hands dirty. You learn about the bike. Then Harley started making Evolution engines. It’s all buttoned up. Very few evo owners do their own maintenance. Those people give me indigestion. Those aren’t “bikers”. Those are just people who ride harleys on the weekend.

    And that’s swell. To each his own I guess. I mean they did ride in the rain so they’re sorta legit.

    But it’s annoying to see these people rep motorcycle culture when most of them have jobs and never work on their bikes. It’s supposed to be the other way around.

    So take that with a grain of salt you miserable old bastard. The fuck you even raggin’ on me for? Fuck off old man. We ain’t friends.

    Yours in American Jesus,

    A. Burr

  8. OK Aaron, Why not a knucklehead, or panhead. You want to work on shit?…Then work on some shit. Your shovelhead might have been made in Japan, just like my first one was.

    Sometimes a guy just gets tired of putting cat litter underneath their scooter. I got a picture of my grandpa sitting astride a 1938 knucklehead and he wasn’t forthcoming with letting me have it…eventually and sadly he sold it…Hell, in 1941 when he bought it, he didn’t probably think I might exist or that his 9 year old daughter might get knocked up in 1957….I mean 1955….I was born under the covenant of marriage, not my sister and sometimes it shows on her face….

  9. @ Aaron Burr – so that means you are a 2%er?

    Are you working on your bike, or hanging in a bar, and then a murder happens?

    Like the attached about my cousin in the Florida Outlaws Club:


    Did you have to be ‘biker’ hard core to get this way or to dopey not be a little open minded?

    YOUR version of inclusion is no more than a version of ‘this is a club any YOU ain’t welcome.’

    Get over yourself.

    You are a ‘maintenance’ guy so check out the below.

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance –


    Pirsig passed away only a year ago….

    For the record, I don’t ride, I don’t have to, I just observe and read.

    I read the bumper stickers and road signs saying ‘watch out’ but I wonder ” Gee, I see so many BIKERS, to generalize like you, zipping in and out, cheating at merging. Are they hogs or burners doing that, for the most part, are the Gold Wingers doing it? NO.

    My goodness you make so many STUPID ASSumptions and ASSertations about people.

    What IF I am ‘old’ are you calling old people, what, without WISDOM.

    What IF I am ‘young’ and onto you. Ya fake phony fraud. YOUNG asshole.

    Shall we talk about each others MOMMIES, you know you like bringing up peoples moms right?.

    YOU are the problem.

    I AM up for it.

    OH, what does ‘Yours in American Jesus’ mean? Ya heathen.

    Who the hell says this shit?


  10. Harley hasn’t change much since they were owned by a bowling pin manufacturer. I’d buy an Indian, but they’re owned by Polaris, Who in turn is owned by Subaru.

  11. I still ride and repair my ’78 Honda CB550/4. But with the way the cagers drive around here, it’s not so often anymore.


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