Bill Advancing in California Would Mandate Colleges Provide Services for Illegal Immigrants

Legal Insurrection:

“colleges would have to make available a Dreamer Resource Liaison who provides certain services”

11 Comments on Bill Advancing in California Would Mandate Colleges Provide Services for Illegal Immigrants

  1. do it! collapse the higher educational system in Kali faster than you can say ‘No habla Englais’ … DO IT! you progtard idiots

    you’re already losing the white majority … & when you do, you descend into third world status … & become irrelevant. DO IT!

  2. This reminds me of a post Tim Newman did recently. It told how Boeing went cheap on the 737 Max but has something like 17 diversity committees.

    California is doing the same thing: have schools get away from the job they are supposed to be doing in order to virtue signal.

    And how long do the politicians think that people who pay taxes through the nose and have to pay through the nose for higher education are going to tolerate having those freeloaders get it for free?

    And are schools going to start having to teach all of their classes in Spanish? I doubt many of the illegals are fluent in English.

  3. Good. When legal liberals cannot afford to send their kids to college because good legal liberal’s taxes are out of control, so illegals can be given special treatment, MAYBE liberals will wake up. Geez. What am I thinking? No way.

  4. The leftists here don’t want to ‘educate’ illegal aliens, so much as to indoctrinate them and create useful idiot soldiers and voters out of them.

    We’re headed for revolution, folks, Prepare for it.

  5. Again, aiding and abetting… Felony! Not one arrest by DOJ. Trump, get your DOJ to enforce the law and the illegal immigrant situation will solve itself. Start with Pelosi publicly telling illegals how to avoid ICE. Where is the RULE of LAW the dems keep throwing at you? I don’t want to hear you mention illegals again until you arrest the aiders and abetters.


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