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Bill allowing state panel to set California fast food worker wages, benefits clears Senate

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California state senators passed a bill Monday that aims to improve work conditions and wages for fast food workers, clearing a key hurdle on the way to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk in the waning days of the legislative session.

The measure, Assembly Bill 257, would authorize the creation of a Fast Food Council to establish “sector-wide minimum standards” for wages, working conditions and working hours. The council would be made up of 10 members appointed by the governor, the speaker of the Assembly and the Senate Rules Committee.

Senators approved the bill in a 21-12 vote Monday.

The bill was amended in the Senate to define a “fast food chain” as a set of restaurants with 100 or more establishments nationally (the original bill had the number set at 30), set a $22 cap on wages promulgated by the council in 2023, and establish a sunset date of January 2029 for the council. An amendment to the bill also scrapped a “joint liability” provision, which would have made franchisors jointly liable if a fast food franchisee was found in violation of workplace rules and regulations set by the council.

Supporters of the bill argue that AB 257 will provide a bargaining “seat at the table” for California’s more than half a million fast food workers who have historically faced unsafe working conditions and wage theft. But critics of the legislation, including several Republican lawmakers who voted against the bill on Monday, have raised concerns that the bill could result in increased consumer costs. more

18 Comments on Bill allowing state panel to set California fast food worker wages, benefits clears Senate

  1. I see lots of robots in the future for California

  2. A few months from now when all the fast food places are closed and all the workers unemployed it will be Trumps fault.

  3. That one would try to support a family on wages paid in the fast food industry, managerial and corporate staff excepted, says more about the individual than the restaurant. Poor life choices (and sometimes those are the only kind of choices some people make. Because MPAI).

  4. Yeah, force the poor’s favorite fast food places to to price them out or just shut down. That’s sure to make Dems more popular.

    None of this is due to natural market forces. It is all caused by suicidal actions by politicians and corporate activists. These people are quite literally insane.

  5. That’s one way of driving the fast food industry out of the state without making such businesses illegal.

  6. They can’t hire anybody now. They’re offering $18.00 and some places over $20.00 an hour plus college tuition. They have employment signs out in front of every fast food place you drive past. A don’t eat a lot of fast food but the few times I have of late I’ve noticed a lot of elderly people working at these places. I’m talking 70 plus. I guess at least they show up.
    Typical California Socialists are going to run to the rescue and solve the problem. This has got to be un constitutional. Stupid asses. But There’s been more than one California Libtard say on camera, We really don’t pay much attention to the constitution.
    Our state has a constitution too. Government interfering in a private business is against that constitution too.

  7. The world owes you a living…

    …and you have to work damn hard to collect it.

    How about government butt the hell out?

  8. This wage and benefit massive bill goes through. McChoke & Puke, Booger Thing and all the others will have to charge $10.00 for a basic burger, even if they go full robotic. They will need a full-time IT/Programmer and several repair people, based on field of expertise, to keep the equipment running. They couldn’t allow say the griddle robot to go down and wait 2-3 days to get it repaired. They couldn’t get people in there to do the because of the floor space the machine requires. They would also still need stock people to load the machines and fill the coolers from deliveries. Bottom line is I guess they can convert them into places for the homeless to live, since they probably will all be boarded up within a year because no one will pay $75.00 to $100.00 to feed a family of four from these places by the time they finished with burgers, fries, drinks/shakes and desserts.

  9. Close em’down, Close em” ALL down!’
    That’s whats gonna happen when their payroll prevents them from making any profit.
    This is how “fast food in Cali” becomes a thing of the paste.

  10. Full communism. Wage and price controls set by central planning. This never works out.

  11. Trump is a Fascist but the Democrats are banning Natural Gas, banning autos run by gasoline and now creating a committee to tell you what you have to pay your unskilled labor……but Trump is a Fascist……what am I missing here?

  12. They’re called entry level jobs for a reason.

  13. I wonder if the state senate would allow a vote on their salaries?

  14. And after the fast food chains price themselves out of business trying to pay inflated wages, the democrats will call it a “failure of capitalism”.

  15. people who never ran a business telling business owners how much to pay their employees. Got it


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