Bill Burr on Raising Your Kid With Gender Neutral Pronouns

Comedian Bill Burr said that raising kids with gender neutral pronouns is a wonderfully liberal idea for raising your family, but as soon as you insist that society must conform to your way of raising kids it is no longer a liberal idea, it is fascism.

End of discussion.

You really don’t need Jordan Peterson in the room to explain this, Burr did a fantastic job.

Lots of bad language

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10 Comments on Bill Burr on Raising Your Kid With Gender Neutral Pronouns

  1. I don’t understand the problem. Male, Female. That’s all there is.
    A handful of people attention whoring because no one is looking at them and we can’t have THAT, can we.

  2. I can’t listen to anymore of that dumb snatch laughing and saying it’s like child abuse not to teach your little children about sex. I think it sounds more like corrupting their soul. I agree with Bill that children don’t even think about that stuff at their age, and shouldn’t have too. These people who want to indoctrinate small children are just sick in the damn head and want to spread their disease.

  3. He is a pretty funny guy, but sometimes swearing for sake of swearing isn’t so fucking funny.

  4. It is the phucked up people who are controlling the narrative to compliment their mental illness. That is insane.

  5. MJA –
    There isn’t a problem. That’s the problem!
    Leftists can’t exist without a cause.
    Can’t have a cause without a problem.
    No cause? No problem. They’ll make one.
    No racism? No problem. They’ll fabricate it.
    No crisis? No problem. They’ll create one.
    Remember, never let a good crisis go to waste!
    When yer out to destroy the country from within, ya gotta have a problem and lot of ’em! They’ll make whutever problem is needed at the time to fit the agenda.

  6. this guy makes more sense than 99.99% of all the politicians or judges in the US

    Bill Burr VP 2024!

  7. When you come to the ER we don’t do politically correct. There are males and females
    If you have a severe mental illness and think you are man, but are a woman. That’s a game you can play latter
    after we try to save your life.


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