Bill Clinton Gets TROLLED BIG TIME – CLASSIC! – IOTW Report


“You the best president man.

Trump gotta go! Trump gotta go, Bill Clinton! Trump gotta go! Alright, best president alive, man!”

Then he asked, “How’s … SEE THE VIDEO HERE

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12 Comments on Bill Clinton Gets TROLLED BIG TIME – CLASSIC!

  1. Recall when Clinton stated that when he returned from studying in England how as soon as he arrived back he walked through the streets of Harlem and said “now I know I’m home”.
    What an asshole.

  2. Bill Clinton the SOB will pay for all the stuff that he did . I wonder why he doesn’t take the test to tell Americans people that Danny isn’t is son. But the reason he doesn’t take the test is because he no that Danny have is DNA .. The black loved him , he was the first black president, that send to jail all of them.

  3. He rolled down the window because of Hellary’s stench. You’d bang fat groupiesluts too if your “wife” was Beelzebub.

  4. I bet Willie put the window halfway up…….

    So the Black man didn’t see Clintoon start ranting on…..

    that uppity n****r.

  5. Those are after market wheels purchased and put on because somebody thought they were cool, somebody tried to pimp that ride. Instead, they look like something off an el Camino that had AstroTurf in the back. Hey Bill, why didn’t you marry Monica? Hillary would have just been a footnote in an Arkansas Annual.

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