Bill Clinton Gives Trump Advice During Impeachment

Dan Bongino:

Former President Bill Clinton gave President Trump some advice while going through his impeachment; warms the heart, doesn’t it? In a phone interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper yesterday, Clinton spoke ‘mano a mano’ to Trump. “Everyday’s an opportunity to make something good happen” Clinton advised Trump.

WWBD? Aka ‘What would Bill Do?’ Well, “Let the lawyers and staff” handle impeachment inquiry “while I’m going to work for the American people. That’s what I would do” said Clinton. “Look, you got hired to do a job” he advised Trump. The irony in that sentence is that Trump is the most aware that he was hired to do a job.

Trump spends every single day trying to do his job, while Bill Clinton and his ilk do literally everything possible to stand in his way. So, thank you Billy for the advice, but it would be better served telling your fellow Democrats. They are the ones that need to halt their hate-filled antics and let President Trump do his job. more

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  1. As an ignorant non-liberal…..I just couldn’t decide whether to take advice from Bill Clinton or Adam Schiff. I am so torn…….s/

  2. ….and at the end of the day Bill had Hillary to go home to….President Trump gets to go home to Melania…I take great pleasure in that thought….

  3. Worthless Impeached (he was) POS!
    Start ducking now you bitch, Soros has the scopes on him now after Epstein,

  4. How many leftie voters know being impeached doesn’t equal removal from office?

    Reading comments on FB of them attacking Republicans on the committee today, apparently very few. Many comments about how they can’t stop the Democrats from removing Trump from office. Some even argued with people informing them it doesn’t work that way, telling them they needed to read the Constitution. Apparently they don’t know anymore about what the Constitution says than they do the Bible when they tell Christians to read the Bible. lol

  5. “Look, you got hired to do a job”

    As the most accomplished President we have ever had, I really don’t think President Trump needs given ANY advice by a draft-dodging, tax-evading, dope-smoking, coke-sniffing, drug dealing, money-laundering, pants-dropping, weenie-wagging, wife-cheating, woman-beating, masturbating, cigar-dipping pervert, finger wagging liar, self-centered, self-serving, hornswaggling, double-dealing, four-flushing, influence pedaling sleaze-bag rapist who was convicted of perjury, impeached and disbarred and will forever be known as the low-life bicycle seat-sniffing trailer park troll who dragged our nation’s morality down to the level of an Arkansas Outhouse!

  6. The nerve of that putrid scumbag to call the president to offer advice. The president showed an overabundance of courtesy just accepting the call.
    Clinton is desperate to be relevant again but pretending to be magnanimous isn’t fooling anyone.

  7. Bill Clinton: Mr. President, above all don’t do anything in the Oval Office I wouldn’t do.

    President Trump: Like what, Bill?

    Bill Clinton: Mr. President, I never once watched a porn movie and masterbated at the same time while in the Oval Office.

    President Trump: Well, I heard you did exactly that.

    Bill Clinton: No sir, not at the same time, not at the same time! Never!

  8. Is a new season of Fargo slated at this time?
    If it is, please more than consider another wood chipper scene for this POS?
    May not be original, yet so fulfilling,,
    Promise ratings through the roof!


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