Bill Clinton Novel to Become Television Show

NTK: Former President Bill Clinton has been working on his first fiction novel with author James Patterson, a thriller entitled The President Is Missing. The book is about, obviously, a president of the United States who goes missing.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Showtime has bought the television rights to the thriller and will produce “a full-blown ongoing drama series.”

Various Hollywood interests have sought the rights to the project, but Patterson and Clinton ultimately settled with Showtime:


SNIP: It would make more sense to title it, Some Cash Is Missing, but whatever.

45 Comments on Bill Clinton Novel to Become Television Show

  1. Scene one : Bill’s on the golf course with his Bud’s and offers one a Cigar, Bill say’s ” sniff it ” Bud says ” Whoee thats just so fine ” Bill again
    ” have a Taste ” Buddy does and ” wow Billy now Iv’e got a Hard on ” and
    Bill smiles and says ” that Cigar got Hillary off to ” !

  2. What a great idea for a TV series. Each week, the president could go missing, then turn up at various whore houses around the planet.

  3. The novel isn’t even written, let alone the screen play.

    The spoiler….the ending of the series finds the President in a cocaine coma on Pedophile Island surrounded by six 15 year-old sex slave girls trying to resuscitate him.

    He doesn’t make it.

  4. “The New Dog is Missing”
    I can see the intro with a bewildered Slick wandering around the house because the new dog Spot is missing.

    Come spot! Come Spot!

    Meanwhile the help in the background all have disgusted looks on their faces…

  5. Someone should do an alternate show that shows all of his assault victims following him around and pestering him at his extortion…I mean paid speaking events.

  6. Lemme guess the ending:

    The intrepid Secret Service agents find him and realize if he stays lost and is presumed dead, the country is much better off and they’ll be rid of his shrewish wife.

    PS It will impress the 50 to 80 year olds because over-the-hill hippie chicks never wake up.


    PPS Look at that puss and tell me Bruce Tinsley (the guy who does Mallard Fillmore) isn’t one of the world’s greatest caricaturists ever.


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