Bill Clinton Says, “Nobody can dispute the fact…” and an audience member jumps in to finish the sentence

Clinton is visibly shaken by the interjection and offers a feeble, “oh yeah,” as a response.

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  1. Old Billy Boys got one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. Hard to believe he and Trump are basically the same age.

  2. I believe this is what they describe as Bad Karma kicking you in the teeth.

    I wonder what thoughts go through his mind when he is home at night; semi-senile, alone and wondering where it all went. Sorry Bill, NO f’s to give.

  3. Okay, maybe my hearing is just shot from all that loud music I listened to in my younger days, but I simply couldn’t make out what the heckler said. Can anybody translate for me?

  4. Clinton says “nobody can dispute the fact” and the heckler interjects with, “that you’re a rapist”.

  5. @plutonium – the guy finished up Clinton’s “nobody can dispute the fact” with this truthful statement, “that you’re a rapist”.

    I had to listen again with the volume louder myself.

  6. We need to do this to all Democrats wherever and whenever they show themselves in public. Joe Wilson spoke the truth when he said “You lie!” to Obama and we need to pile on. The days of these evil rat bastards spouting lies and getting away with it need to end.


    Even being ACCUSED of sexual misconduct was worthy of liberal outrage and causing people not to get hired with no evidence?

    Those are rules for Republicans.

  8. The crowd of 23 NPCs were outraged. Blue Dress Man needs bigger crowds to drown that stuff out. Or he needs to just be dicking bimbos at home.

  9. Bill’s been taking elocution lessons from Pelosi.

    I listened twice and couldn’t get it – so thanks to all who translated.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Did Willy need to take a nap before he could finish his ‘speech’? God, he looks awful. Would be a good pick for a death pool.

  11. Just look what ‘moral decay’ does over time…

    It ain’t pretty. That is also why there are no ‘pretty’ liberal women!

    Name me one! AOC is the closest they have, that’s why media shoves her in your face daily. Alas, she is fading fast.

  12. Saw him in a video recently at some commie event sitting in the front row. Ariana Grande was strutting around in front of him and he was sitting there with his mouth hanging open staring at her chest. He is a complete disgrace.


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