Bill de Blasio literally turns his back on NYC business owner hurt by COVID-19

Washington Examiner: New York City’s Bill de Blasio is surely the worst mayor in the country — and that is despite heroic efforts by the mayors of Chicago and Portland.

De Blasio made a stop this week in New York City’s Chinatown, where a grocer approached him to discuss the economic hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and the related lockdowns. The shop owner also asked what city officials plan to do to help struggling businesses.

Amazingly, as the grocer was still talking, the mayor quite literally turned his back on him and walked away, muttering on his way out, “That’s very unfortunate.”

How’s that for leadership? more

9 Comments on Bill de Blasio literally turns his back on NYC business owner hurt by COVID-19

  1. Damn, if I were a NYC business owner….I wonder how I might vote. /s

    Truth is; I have an advantage…..I’m not a stupid, asshole liberal.

  2. Warren Wilhelm jr, de Blasio’s birth name, who changed his actual name because it sounded too nazi, is a heartless…nazi. A national socialist.

    He’s a heartless, soul less, miserable waste of carbon.

    He’s an unapologetic nazi kraut.

    He needs to appear as a defendant in the Nuremberg trials.

    Let me just add, he put the kibosh on the twin spotlights that represent the twin towers on 9/11. He’s Taliban that wish to erase American history.

    This dude needs two taps to the head.

  3. He’s surely given Three Dollar Bill (Peduto) of Pittsburgh a run for his money.

    Then again, our dipshit mayor just upped and DISAPPEARED during China Virus AND the rioting! 🙄

  4. Why is Dee Blah Zee Owe alive ?

    Why ?

    The people don’t need him to be

    Most people don’t want him to be

    So why ?

    He might not need us

    But we do not need him

    so WHY ?

  5. Cry me a river. If elections were held today and Trump ran against DeBlasio, DeBlasio would still win in a landslide. Yes, New York voters are that effin stupid.


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