Bill DeBlasio Had NO Approval To Paint BLM on Streets

Bill DeBlasio Had NO Approval To Paint BLM on Streets

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  1. Similar situation in Anchorage with bolshevik mayor here trying to skip the process as well AND use COVID money to buy buildings in residential areas to house homeless “who don’t follow the rules elsewhere.”

    Meanwhile he’s ordered restaurants shut down for four weeks (they’d reopened) – except the ones he owns, of course. Kriner’s Diner today served up a great big “screw that” burger, and people were dropping donations all day to help fund the $500 per day fine. The tiny tyrant texted to owner “to talk” and Kriner texted back, “Come on in.”

  2. so?

    who gave Baby Doc Cuomo the ‘approval’ to order Chinese Red Death infected patients be trucked to Nursing Homes so the old & vulnerable would die?

    who gave the governors, mayors & county councils the ‘approval’ to trample on the Constitution & take away the freedoms that are guaranteed within, to the citizens of the United States?

    it shows these people’s true colors that they have so little no regard for US citizens, that they would shutter us, demand we conform to arbitrary rules, lose our jobs, shut down our businesses, close our schools, give raises (taxpayer $) to teachers for not doing their jobs, deliberately infect our elderly population for the purpose of decreasing their ‘burden on society’, all the while allowing ‘the right people’ to break the rules to the point of ordering law enforcement to stand-down

    … they go so low as to destroy the country to advance their agenda

    & they hate Trump because he’s in their way of getting to us

  3. Actually he has given everyone license to paint whatever political statement, wherever. He has just stripped from it any legitimacy that law had. Either the process applies equally, or it does not apply at all. If the ACLU were a legitimate organization they would be first in line pointing this out… but they are not.

  4. WE are democrats .
    We don’t need no stinking permits or badges!
    or laws or logic or consistency or gravity………..

  5. Nice security detail ya got there Billy Boy. Be too bad at just the perfect opportune time they all decide turn the other cheek.

    JUUUUUUUUUUUUUST throwin’ that out there…

  6. The Soviet Union had a constitution and laws on the books that the communist party used as a facade of the rule of law. They didn’t pay any attention to it and just did what they wanted to do. Because communist is just another word for criminal.

  7. “What I decide to do … transcends all normal realities”
    Thanks for proving, again, that you are a communistic dictator. What more needs to be said?

  8. And they call Trump a dictator. He de Bolshevik! Whatever happened to equal protection under the law? How can you claim to be fighting for equal protection for black lives while trampling on those protections for everyone else?

  9. we need a painted sign on roadway in front of deblabios home

    black baby lives matter

    sit back and watch the hypocrisy then

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