Bill for free year of community college awaits Brown’s signature


New community college students might get their first year for free if Governor Jerry Brown signs off on a new bipartisan bill.

Last week the Assembly sent Brown AB 19, which would waive fees ranging from $1,100 to $1,400 depending on how many classes a student takes.

Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D-Los Angeles), who proposed the bill, thinks it will prompt as many as 19,000 students who may not have been able to go to college go for a higher education:

“What we’re truly talking about is creating a college-going culture in our community.”

AB 19 does face some opposition, especially from Jerry Brown’s finance department, which argues that the bill will cost California more than $30 million in part by giving waivers to students who don’t need financial aid.  more

14 Comments on Bill for free year of community college awaits Brown’s signature

  1. If you can’t afford the first year of community college, maybe you ought to reconsider your goals in life. If $1500 is the tipping point of higher education for you, a job at the car wash is likely your fate.

  2. If someone is dumb enough to believe in “free” then I guess this is a good deal.

    “When the fish ain’t on your line;
    Bait your hook an’ keep a-tryin’–”
    (H. Gibson)

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. creating a college-going culture

    You mean a time-wasting culture.

    Now with “free” tuition, the time wasting is spread out among everyone. Heaven forbid the student waste his own time paying for it.

    Maybe 1/5 of people in college should be there. The other 4/5ths are fooling only themselves, but we all pay for it.

    And it’s sick and twisted to prey on the impressionable “first year” students. Duh, nice reward! Dumbass, you pay for their last year if they have good grades – That’s how rewards and incentives work.

  4. For California Community Colleges, (Tri-C or Tri-High) the average tuition is approximately $1636 per year today.
    A Federal Headstart class costs $7600.00/per kid.
    Guess whut grade 13 is gonna wind up costing California by the time they layer it up with worthless administrators and political appointees?
    Whut’s next, free meals?

    Just when ya thought they were broke they find even more ways to spend money!!!

  5. To truly be free Gov. Brown should sign a bill that makes teachers work for free as well as support staff at all California colleges.

  6. moonbeam must be planning on succession and starting California’s own mint. Then he can print as much funny money as he and his deluded congress will need for the pipe dreams they have dreamed up. Fiscal insanity

  7. See? You can spend your way out of bankruptcy! California, a bankrupt state, just cannot help coming up with more government programs to make citizens government dependent. I wonder how well this is going to go over with teachers whose retirement accounts are drastically underfunded? They deserve what they’re getting.

  8. 30 million to calif pols is chump change. They give that much away everyday to any illegal scheme they can come up with.
    When I went to community college it cost a couple hundred bucks, including books! But that’s before education was politicized.
    Now after a couple hundred tax increases we have a MORE expensive education system and dumber graduates.

  9. I’m calling on every retiree to sign up for every freshman required course. Crowd out these youngsters and teach them a life lesson worth learning. Its called supply and demand. When the price doesn’t adjust rationing results.


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