Bill Gates Tries to Guess the Price of Grocery Items

Normally I would never link Ellen, but if you want to see how out of touch Bill Gates is with our lives, this is the video to watch.


21 Comments on Bill Gates Tries to Guess the Price of Grocery Items

  1. I don’t buy groceries based on price. I buy them based on it’s a product that I want.. and I never want prepared foods in a box or bag..,

  2. You only hafta look as far as the price of the “Year-rental version” of Windows, to KNOW how out-of-touch he is! :nuts:

  3. I’d rather watch the clip of Gates getting a pie in the face.

    100% of our elected representatives would look just as oblivious, and that concerns us all much, much more.

  4. If he thinks Totino’s should be $20 and dip should be $10 because it’s branded, it’s no wonder he charges so darn much for his products.

  5. Yeah, this POS is responsible for the adoption of common core, a $4 TRILLION monkey/football social interaction study. A pox on his house.

  6. Didn’t Bush Sr. get excoriated for his trip to the grocery store and how he was sooooo out of touch? Why is it cute when Gates, who wants to pay more taxes, does it?

  7. Gates is one of these guys who stumbled bass-ackwards into fabulous wealth by appropriating another man’s creation and passing it off as his own.He is in a class with many nouveau-riche who truly believe “I’m a billionaire, therefore I MUST be a genius!”. He still has to walk to the restroom like the rest of us.

  8. Yeah, I see $Billionaires shopping in Wal-Mart all the time!

    If I had his money I wouldn’t be concerned with the price of anything.

    “It’s not a sin for a man to become rich; it IS a sin for a man to die rich.”

    izlamo delenda est …


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