Bill Gates Warns of Pandemic That Could Kill 30 Million


We’re coming up on the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu epidemic that swept the world from 1918 to 1920 and killed upwards of 50 million people. Bill Gates thinks we’re overdue for another outbreak that will also take out tens of millions.


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  1. Hey Bill. Why don’t you concern yourself with a Windows operating system that doesn’t suck rubber donkey dicks? XP and NT were decent. The rest of your stuff is clunky, awkward, gimmicky and unreliable

    In the meantime shut up.

  2. The greatest threat to world health is political correctness/virtue signalling. AIDS and Ebola only became global threats because of policy. Tuberculosis and other forgotten diseases are making a swift comeback in developed countries because we are not properly screening and quarantining immigrants (legal and illegal), refugees and international travelers (including Americans) for fear of inconveniencing, or worse, stigmatizing them.

    When dealing with epidemics, you cannot buy time. You need to use quarantines and you will likely inconvenience many and offend some in the process.

  3. Hey, Bill;
    If North Korea, Iran, BLM, Antifa, Communists, Socialists, Muslims and Planned Parenthood put their minds together to Coexist, 50 Million deaths will be a drop in the bucket !

    Fear Monger Much Bill?

  4. Hepatitis A bigly

    It’s going around, it’s not just the homeless in certain California cities where they recently sprayed the sidewalks with bleach. It’s going around the tiny mountain town, in Santa Cruz County, where we used to live.

    People use IV drugs, have sex with strangers, with drug abusers, homos. People don’t wash their hands after pooping, . Hep A paradise is in the poop chute and blood.

    I expect Hep A to be the new plague.

  5. Would be nice to see Bill send part of his fortune to the pandemic petri dishes around the world, see if he can kill off health problems in their infancy rather than see him pour billions into left wing causes in the US to kill off democracy.

  6. Quarantine Killary immediately. Burn all the signed copies of “What Happened.” The witches cough is contagious. Better move fast on this one Department of Health and Human(e) Services.
    Keep her in Chappaqua. Don’t let the bitch cross the Hudson.

  7. “…ufologists say a fast-moving unidentified airborne object crew could anally probe more than 30 million people in less than a year,” Uncle Al wrote in an iOTWRepoet article just now. “And they say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such a butt probing in the next 10-15 years. Let’s hope they start with the RNC.”

  8. Bill Gates went to Harvard for an MBA – not for computer science – he did not care how well Windows works, just how much money he can make from it.

  9. Yep.
    And a meteorite could hit the Earth …
    Or giant sea monsters could eat everyone …
    Or giant ants (like in that old movie) …
    Or Godzilla could attack San Fransisco …
    Or the ginormous volcano hiding under Yellowstone could erupt …
    Or (particularly if the world keeps importing rat-people) the Black Death could resurge …

    Or (and this is the most likely) the World could continue its love affair with socialism and they could triumph and then murder all who don’t goose-step to the drum … 100 Million in China, 33 Million in Russia, 15 Million in Germany, 3 Million in Cambodia, 1 Million in Cuba and Nicaragua, couple of million in Africa, 500,000 in Venezuela have already been murdered … blah, blah, blah … not to mention a takeover by the filthy fukkin ragheads …

    Try to keep a rational perspective, Bill …

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Yep, could happen.
    So could any one of ten million astronomical events from solar flares up to and including Gamma ray bursts and a dwarf brown star lurking in the Oort Cloud.
    Limit contact. Use the germ wipes on the shopping cart.
    Behave in a civilized manner, and as Red Foxx said: “Wash yo ass”

  11. why, exactly, would an avowed Socialist worry about 30 million deaths?
    … just a drop in the bucket for Big Brother & his minions

  12. And there is no testing or quarantining of illegal aliens.
    Actually, the illegal aliens should only be tested to see if they bounce once or twice when they’re thrown back. They have brought us drug resistant TB, leprosy, polio and all sorts of things that were eradicated through years of public health practices.
    Wash your hands, cover you mouth when you cough or sneeze.
    Keep doing whatever you do.
    It will be a space rock.

  13. Billy, you and your wife have most likely killed millions by supporting the DDT ban thereby allowing malaria caring mosquitoes to transmit malady.

  14. If we took half of the needless Global Warrming money, and put it towards Medicine and wellness the world would be on top of this shit !

  15. Come to think of it, Al Gore has robbed us of 10 years worth of Medical Breakthroughs ! I currently have a buddy heading up research for a really promising Cancer drug ! Work that should have been accomplished 10 years ago.


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