Bill Good – Donald Bad

This image is a good supplement to the line about Donald Trump being in the public eye for a generation and he was never called a racist until he ran against a democrat.


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  1. There have been so may reasons in this election to say “If there is only one thing Trump has done, it’s to have…”

    Well, this may be the best example yet. If there’s only one thing Trump has done in this election it’s expose the Democrats as chronic liars of the first order. Not for a long, long time have voters of all parties been so drawn to the celebrity and popular appeal of a candidate as to Trump. Many came out of curiosity, many out of actual disdain to see the “clown” at work. And then, when they heard what he really said about muslims, illegals, hispanics, and women, they went away angry at themselves for having been duped for so long by the Democrats. Trump opened the door wide for these voters, never calling them ‘lo-fo’s’ or otherwise denigrating them. He gave them cover by telling them why they shouldn’t be embarrassed; they had the media to blame for most of it.

  2. True, true. Quite some time ago it dawned on me that I have become my parents–in particular my dad–in that I am now playing to perfection the role they were playing some forty years ago, e.g. angry, lib-loathing, middle-class taxpayers.

    My father was a sweet, mild-mannered guy with a very even temper–except for politics. A politician he didn’t like could turn him into a screaming, cursing lunatic who stomped around the house like a madman. LBJ, Senator Percy of Illinois, and anything surnamed Kennedy could have this effect on him. For his only child, it’s Obama, Cuomo, and de Blasio. And I think it’s safe to say that had my dad lived to see the Obama administration, his foot would have stomped right through the floorboard of our house, and Hellary Clinton would have made him absolutely apolpkeptic.

    My father also would have been a big Trump supporter, I’m sure. Here’s this guy who comes along and says, “@greetingsfromyonkers, it isn’t you, it’s THEM. Incompetent, corrupt, self-dealing politicians have been screwing you and your family over for decades, and I’m going to do everything I can to reverse that.” How could you not love that?

  3. …and eating your dog. Wait, that’s the one currently in the white house.
    …and eating you wife. That’s more like Hillary.

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