Bill Kristol Calls Bill Maher a Bullsh1tter on Air To His Face


The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol stepped out of his normally staid and proper character to call out HBO’s Bill Maher by calling a remark the“Real Time” host made Friday concerning the tea party movement, “total bulls**t.”

Maher played the race card once again, and claimed that the tea party’s roots were in it’s displeasure over having a black president.

“That’s bulls**t!” Kristol fired back. “That is total bulls**t! Even you don’t believe that. You’re just saying that.”

video at the link

7 Comments on Bill Kristol Calls Bill Maher a Bullsh1tter on Air To His Face

  1. Why would anyone go on a show hosted by this failed comedian douche bag.

    I canceled HBO because of him.

  2. Likewise.

    The only reason anyone on the right should go on his show is to cuss him out to his face and punch his teeth down his throat.

    For that, I would renew my subscription today.

  3. Wow. Good job Kristol. He sets the standard for how EVERY conservative should react when a liberal says such a vile thing. (Did you see that Bill O’Reilly? – You had Chuck Schumer on your show and did not call him out for calling the Tea Party racist in a big speech that very weekend prior.)

  4. Bullshit stats, “Socialism works,” audience claps like North Koreans.

    Couldn’t take anymore.

  5. 1st Problem: Why would anybody go on that show?
    2nd Problem: Of course it is bullshit!
    3rd Problem: “The banks paid back 103%? With fractional reserve banking, they could have paid back 1000%

    Again, Bill is the dickhead for going on that show.


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