Bill Kristol deletes tweet, fails to apologize for jumping on phony story of MAGA hat kids harassing Native American


American Thinker: On Friday, a group of March for Life teenagers from Covington, Ky. were harassed by an extremist demonstrator, a Native American beating a drum, and, through carefully edited video, were widely portrayed in the mainstream media as mean harassers of a poor Native American war veteran.  Taylor Day busted the fraud on our pages today, but you can quickly grasp the gist of the fraud through this video from the Daily Caller.

A number of conservatives jumped on the virtue-signaling bandwagon, accepting at face value yet another fake news story seeking to castigate Trump and his supporters.  Those with integrity, once they realized that their eagerness to display moral superiority to other conservatives, apologized.

But not Bill Kristol. 

23 Comments on Bill Kristol deletes tweet, fails to apologize for jumping on phony story of MAGA hat kids harassing Native American

  1. This numbskull ran off the rails, rolled down the steep embankment, exploded and burned to a cinder years ago. Totally worthless fool. So glad he’s been long gone from Fox News.

  2. In all fairness, he probably assumed no one saw it since he’s been about as relevant as a one way pager since 2006.

  3. Kristol was right with one aspect–of course McCain would have betrayed an ally–this is why he died a bitter Senator and not a former POTUS.

  4. The self professed true voice of the Conservative party that loves to lecture us on decorum and character. Hey Bill once it is out there it lives on forever. Why don’t you own up to it and be a man, show us some of that character you always talk about.

  5. The left doesn’t apologize.

    Not unless that apology can be turned into a stronger de facto attack against the right in the process of making it.

  6. The Nevertrumpers all lit themselves up this time. Maybe Sandy is right: Old people don’t know how to tweet. I notice she’s steered clear of this crap.

  7. Where is the outrage over those Black racists hurling hate speech?
    I could give a fuck about Kristol because he made himself irrelevant.
    Those Black racists need to be pilloried and have their lives ruined.
    Right there is the real Hate.

  8. Class action, RICO, defamation, all easy to prove given the Yuge amount of recorded angst.
    These were children, this is not who we are.
    Where have I heard that before?

  9. Wait for more proof of who he isn’t and never was? Look at them, exposed in the LIGHT.
    Now what?

    Phil Griffin at NBC will take war. Anything at all to stop the fumigation. The liberal democrat media cabal flea infestation.

    NBC is owned and run by EVIL warmongers. Death and Destruction is their last resort.
    There is your Whitman riding little boy down.
    Buzzfeed buzzards circling like flies in their attic spaces.

    But the Good News.
    Defeat by the Nick of Time Master is pre-ordained.
    Self immolation by internal hatred combustion is their destiny.

    That, or someone just SHORT CIRCUITs the fucktards.
    12 MONKEYS

  10. I remember seeing a photo montage of people wearing Obama shirts in their mugshots. I am sure that Obama called each and every city where his supporters were arrested and apologized for them having committed crimes. /s

  11. Kristol, Griffith, etc, are so arrogant and hypocritical that they mentally CAN’T apologise for anything they do or say. Their Trump Derangement Syndrom won’t allow it. As long as it hurts Trump or conservatives, anything goes.

  12. Maybe if “conservatives” quit circling their corrupt wagons like “news” — and called out “their” fake “conservatives” as fake, flat out fake “conservatives” — no matter how much those fake conservatives mewl “I’m not fake! You’re the real fake!” — people (fake and otherwise) would get a clue.

  13. Not only is he a fat worm but it appears he thinks John McCain was a noble and virtuous statesman. Keep digging!

  14. Krystol Meth is as toxic as romney. Two rino clowns, waiting for that other rino clown George Will to come to dinner.

  15. I like to picture Bill Kristol and George Will driving off a cliff together like Thelma and Louise, maybe mowing down Andrew Cuomo and a few other liberal mouthpieces on the way to the edge.

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