Bill Kristol Launches New Website With Money From Far Left Billionaire

Breitbart: With most of his money coming from far-left billionaire Pierre Omidyar, Never Trump dead ender Bill Kristol decided to put the “bull” in Bulwark by launching his new website with a heaping helping of fake news.

With a ton of aid and comfort from the gangsters at CNN and the serial liars at the Washington Post, the Bulwark officially launched this week with the promise to “conserve conservatism” by fighting the Bad Orange Man using the same guys who tanked the 23-year-old Weekly Standard last December.

Naturally, the Bulwark launched with one of those very special kind of lies meant to assure the establishment media that the Bulwark is one of them, in the club, reporting for duty — oh, and if you could invite us over for some cable news hits that would be great cuz we’re dying over here.

Referring to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), the Bulwark story is titled “How AOC Owns the Cons.” And while the story is composed with that well-honed tone of superior snobbery that defines Never Trump, in its defense, it is really, really long (nearly 900 words).

Without question, though, the article’s greatest achievement is how it managed to publish all those words without ever once justifying its own headline.


18 Comments on Bill Kristol Launches New Website With Money From Far Left Billionaire

  1. Well, paint me green and call me a pickle. Who would have ever thunk it?

    Progressives are progressives first, last and always. I have been totally frustrated trying to get people who are actually Constitutional conservatives to accept as a stone cold natural fact that progressive Republicans are not your allies. They talk a good game, but when it comes time to put up or shut up they dry shave Constitutional conservatives every time and particularly when it really matters. They are only using Constitutional conservatives for their own ends.

    They demand that Constitutionalists stand firm when it is their agenda, the establishment Republican, that is on the line, but when it comes to our agenda they are all too ready to fold.

  2. No not Trans-Republican, when compared side by side – the overlap between progressive Republican and Democrat makes the overlap between progressive Republican and Constitutional conservative Republican shrink to insignificance.

  3. One could make the case that these assholes should have been brought into the fold.

    All these swamp creatures crave is access, the appearance of relevance and influence, and finally enough income to support their DC lifestyles and a mistress.

    Is that so wrong?

  4. Vichy Republican, RINO, Prog, NEOCONSERVATIVE, backstabber, traitor, warmonger, chicken hawk, forked-tongue pile of schumer.

    This a-hole represents the same threat as Julius Rosenberg.

  5. You can’t plant thistles and get corn.
    Just doesn’t happen.
    Every acorn does not become an oak.
    But, in fact, every oak comes from an acorn.

    Likewise, if you smear shit on bread you rarely get a ham sandwich.

    If you set out with tainted, or stolen, money can you erect a monument to probity?
    I doubt it.

    Like begets like. Rabbits don’t birth horses.
    Fetid, stinking, rotten, fungoidal excrement will rarely taste like an apple.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Since the definition of “bulwark” is a defensive wall, and they see them selves as a defenders of the rule of law, free trade, and expanding legal immigration–lets see if they get behind a border “bulwark”…

  7. Bill Kristol,
    Please allow me to introduce you to a guy who can help you.
    He’s got money.
    You want it.
    He wants to give it to you.
    For your BullWork
    Please meet him here after midnight
    1234 North Laurel Avenue
    West Hollywood
    Ask for Ed


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