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Bill Maher Knows Progs Are Going to Blow It

Townhall: Bill Maher is a based liberal. Is that even a thing? He ripped The Washington Post for being an adult daycare center for their internal fiasco involving longtime political reporter Dave Weigel retweeting a joke that another writer, Felicia Sonmez, found problematic. The nastiness spilled onto social media. It lasted a week. One retweet caused a week-long meltdown. It eventually cost Sonmez her job as she just wouldn’t shut up about it. Weigel was suspended for a month. It’s a mess. We all know Maher comes off as a conservative when he speaks about free speech, political correctness, and radical Islam, but he’s still the same old liberal from the mid-2000s. It just shows you how insane progressives have become. The mere fact that he’s unafraid to have discussions and have conservative friends makes him alt-right in today’s Democratic Party. With the recent Dobbs ruling from the Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade has been overturned. The Left went insane. And while some might see this as an election booster for Democrats—it’s not. Maher agrees and his reasoning is not too hard to pinpoint.

It’s the woke morons. Maher is pro-choice. No shock, but he also sees how the Democrats can blow it. This isn’t the Democratic Party of old who I think would have run circles around the GOP on messaging ten years ago. Now, we have people who think that men can get pregnant. Here’s where things come off the tracks. Women cannot be used in this debate because that might be offensive to the three trans people in the Democratic base. When you muddy the biology, the science, and just facts in general to accommodate people’s fantasyland thinking—expect hilarity to follow and political defeat : more here

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  1. The democrats stole the 2020 election – outright, in front of everyone’s eyes. They got away with it. They will never, I repeat NEVER go back to their ordinary voter fraud. They will steal the 2022 midterms and they will steal the 2024 presidential election. And when they do, the GOP will say, “oh well, I guess we’ll have to work harder next time.”
    The overturning of Roe v Wade just shows them for their true selves. They are an evil satanic group hell-bent on destroying our nation. It’s happening right in front of in full view.
    They no longer care about hiding their agenda. It is right there in the open. The only reason they no longer try to hide it, is that they know it doesn’t matter.

  2. “This isn’t the Democratic Party of old who I think would have run circles around the GOP on messaging ten years ago.”

    What nobody in the commenting class comprehends is the degree to which Donald Trump’s getting the Republican establishment to expose themselves for what they are has played into the current dynamic.

    I cannot begin to get across the magnitude of the shift I have seen in people who are no longer pushing back when I say what I have been saying for decades about the duplicitous pieces of shit. It used to be that my brother would step in and tell them: Dan is only saying what you all know to be the case and are thinking, but are too chicken shit to say it. These days, they are not afraid to say the same things and in a nut shell they come across as “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.”

    These fuckers are no longer able to hide in the shadows and rule over us while their friends across the aisle engage in Kabuki theater that makes WWE “enemies” look authentic. Donald Trump flushed them out and even the most naïve among the Republicans base know what the score is.

  3. @ nco77 JUNE 27, 2022 AT 11:23 AM

    Wrong. The progressive movement, consisting of both Democrats and the Republican establishment stole the 2020 Presidential election. Just like they did the 2004 Washington State gubernatorial election. Did it in broad daylight and we’re proud of themselves for getting away with it.

    Without the part the Report establishment played, neither of these attacks on our republic would have succeeded.

  4. The right passes draconian bills? Since when? Passing laws that say they minority of the most extreme leftists cannot ride roughshod over everyone else is not draconian.

  5. “Bill Maher is a based liberal. Is that even a thing?”

    I definitely believe that it is possible to be a leftist without being absolutely bat-shit crazy. I just think that it’s a very, very, VERY difficult thing to do. They’re kind of like unicorns, I guess — they MIGHT exist, but I’m gonna need a LOT of proof before I commit to the idea of their existence.

  6. “Bill Maher Knows Progs Are Going to Blow It”

    Bill, you’re making it sound like you’re totally innocent being a lefty, and how you handled yourself throughout the years on lefty issues. You’re a lefty, and will be treated as such. Not interested in what you have to say.

  7. I think it is hilarious that Maher accuses the Republicans of playing the Long Game… The Left has been incrementally incrementally chipping away, always adding more social programs, higher taxes, less freedoms, etc… for a hundred years. That’s the real long game.

  8. The progs may very well blow it, but they have strong and experienced competition from the established Republican party. The repubs have shown themselves to be experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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