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Bill Maher urges debate on ‘dangerous’ Islam after Salman Rushdie stabbing


Liberal comedian Bill Maher encouraged a debate on the religion of Islam after the stabbing of his “dear friend” Salman Rushdie in New York on Friday.

On his HBO show, Real Time, Maher began his conversation with broadcaster Piers Morgan and New York Post columnist Rikki Schlott by noting police have not yet announced a motivation, but have identified the suspect in custody as Hadi Matar, 24, from Fairview, New Jersey.

The host hearkened to the many death threats Rushdie, an Indian-born novelist who has been a guest on Maher’s show, has received since the late 1980s, particularly with the publication of The Satanic Verses and the subsequent fatwa from Iran that asked all Muslims to kill him. “Sal did have some enemies in the past as I recall. So I’m guessing Hadi is no Amish,” Maher said. more here

13 Comments on Bill Maher urges debate on ‘dangerous’ Islam after Salman Rushdie stabbing

  1. Left Coast Dan (well actually Right Coast Dan as of tomorrow)

    Maher is an atheist, and did some awful antireligious movie which of course I haven’t bothered to see. He is pretty consistent on radical Islam.

  2. Hey look, there’s Bill Maher acting like he’s a reasonable person again.

  3. Maher is not insane like 95% of the left but is really no better than all those fuck-trumpets on CNN and MSNBC, he promotes an ideology for money. Sure, his shtick is a bit different in that he purports to be the sane lib, the thinking man’s leftist, but his damage is just as pervasive, he feeds a generation a steady helping, of sanctimony, entitlement, and privilege.

    Everything bad that has happened to this nation WRT to the border, inflation, blown budgets, and an authoritarian heavy hand into our personal lives, Maher has his fingerprints all over it in him being a megaphone for all the democrat bad actors.

  4. Why do you even give that snake Maher coverage here? Fuck him!!

  5. There is no dangerous islam.
    There is no radical islam.
    There is only islam.

    Islam is what islam is.
    There is no “religion of peace”.

    Islam is the religion of violence.
    Islam is the religion of hatred.
    Islam is the belief of its creator and master.

    Islam is the cult of SATAN.

    By their actions you will know them.
    How is the cult of islam not
    the religion of SATAN?

    And Salman Rushdie is to be FAT-WAD
    for telling the truth?

    How is JIZZ-LAM not


  6. I think Bill took half a red pill. He needs a full dose.

  7. Bill Maher = the Joe Manchin of putrid regressive late-night tv

  8. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    The only “debate” I would have about Mr Rushdie’s stabber, would be to use one round of 45ACP, or two rounds of 9mm?

  9. Good, now urge a debate on ‘dangerous’ black culture.

  10. There is no debate about islam.
    It’s a fucking death cult and all muzloids should be eradicated from the earth.

  11. When a buffoon like Bill Maher becomes a voice for reason, it just shows how far we’ve sunken.


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