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Bill O’Reilly Reportedly Out at Fox News

NBC: Bill O’Reilly has reportedly been axed from Fox News.

O’Reilly will leave the network before he returns from vacation on April 24, according to New York Magazine, citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the discussion.

The future of Fox’s ratings king had grown uncertain as reports swirled that the network was preparing to sever its relationship with him, but it appears that Rupert Murdoch, CEO of Fox News’ parent company 21st Century Fox, has greenlighted the axing of the network’s biggest star.

The news follows reporting by the New York Times that disclosed Bill O’Reilly and 21st Century Fox had settled multiple sexual harassment complaints against the network’s top anchor over the years for a total of $13 million.

Now what remains is managing how that departure will unfold.

SNIP: Keep in mind, this is left media quoting themselves. I have seen nothing at FOX about this.

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  1. Yes, he was over-the-top arrogant, but I will miss his show. I enjoyed his interviews and taking aggressive stances on issues that matter. He did some good for such things as pushing for “Kate’s Law”, exposing the criminality of the sanctuary city policies, etc. Also, if I recall correctly, he was big on protecting children.

    We all have our demons.

    In the meantime, the lying Brian Williams never goes away.

  2. This is just another nail for me. I have been considering cancelling my Directv because I’m sick of all the bull shit propaganda. The only thing that’s kept me from doing it so far is my love for NCAA football. I’m thinking it may be time for another hobby.

  3. Every time I ever watched O’Reilly, his arrogant, dismissive manner and unbridled egotism irritated me to the point that it obscured his message, so I quit watching him. It’s a shame, too, because with a little more self-control I think he could have been great at his job.

    Of course, with a little more self-control he would still have his job, now wouldn’t he?


  4. Although I tired of O’Reilly years ago, I’m still troubled by this news. Wasn’t David Letterman a complete predatory perv, yet he didn’t lose his job. Then again, he was a LIBERAL. We had a Senator (Kennedy) who drowned a woman in his car and a Congressman (Barney Frank) whose boyfriend ran an escort service out of his condo, and neither lost their jobs. Why? Because they were LIBERALS. O’Reilly makes rude comments and he’s gone? SCARY.

  5. I didn’t watch him for the same reasons.
    I won’t miss him and hope HANNITY gets his prime time slot.

    But I don’t want BOR to be seen as some scalp taken by the Left. It emboldens them further.

    Another reminder that with the sole exception of Hannity, FOX is now all center-Left programming 24/7. I expect the Murdochs to announce they have signed Maddow and O’Donnell any day now.

  6. That Fox bunch simply became Ego City. Who needs ’em. I watch Lou Dobbs and Charles Payne (though his guests are often too young to have truly credible opinions).

  7. he reminds me of that line…

    “enough about me. let’s talk about you.
    what do YOU think of me?”

  8. all Fox has left is Hannity (& I can barely stand him; not because of his values … he just doesn’t do a good job) & Carlson … they’re becoming another PMSDNC … can’t stand Shemp, the jive at five, Martha & the rest … especially on the weekends w/ all those libtard women
    … usually watch Dobbs anyway

  9. too bad he had to go in this fashion. Not that i’d miss him, because i quit watching him years ago. Fox is trading ol’ geezer fans of oreilly for younger demographic with Carlson.

    so no more viagra commercials then?

  10. Eh, ever since I heard about the falafel story, I knew that he was a creep. His arrogance and pompous attitude (especially whenever he was dead wrong, or factually incorrect), that just sealed the deal for me. Good riddance, O’Reilly, it’s a shame that you’ve ruined your own legacy.

  11. uh… the simpering suck-ass Shep gets to stay but O’really is out? It’s almost as if these networks and their “progressive” management want to eliminate any hint of conservatism from the largest media outlet in the nation. Maybe they have an agenda? Like a chance at steering public opinion or choosing just exactly what news will be disseminated to the public??? … Just a thought. Progressive shit-bags could not win at the polls so now they will employ their most powerful weapon and attempt to corner the market on forming public opinion. If anyone doesn’t believe the coup is afoot… I will think them to be a simpleton. We are in serious trouble.

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