Bill To Legalize Pot Passes House Judiciary Committee

While Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee has been getting gavel to gavel coverage the last couple of weeks, the Judiciary Committee (where impeachment inquiry really belongs) has been busy on other important matters to the nation.

Legislation to counter Mexico’s drug cartels? Perhaps punishment to nations that manufacture and export Fentanyl to this country? A tightening of the laws governing pay to play from foreign governments with elected officials and their families? Try again.

No, they’ve approved the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act. Basically, legalization of pot and a 5% tax on sales that go into a “Community Reinvestment Grant.” More 

So, a  good portion of the DEA will transfer over to the IRS and become “revenuers” to chase pot tax evaders. – Dr. Tar

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  1. …well, Democrats do have their priorities…the only surprising thing here is that they didn’t bring a bill legalizing pedophilia first and cloak it im Muzzie 1A religious freedom, you know, for the children…

  2. Western civilization is on the downhill slide folks, the parallels to Roman society are getting too close–with the collapse of morals comes the collapse of society, with the collapse of society comes the collapse of civilization.

    Arm up, and stock up.

  3. The GOP kissed the boat on this one. It could have shown that they actually want smaller less intrusive government based on the Constitution.

    Oh well

    NOVEMBER 21, 2019 AT 7:24 PM

    …ask moonshiners how THAT worked out when the Gubmint decided to tax booze…

  5. You always have to watch the other hand. With all this show trial BS going on, I’ve been wondering what’s going on that we are NOT being shown.

    The world is on fire and all Washington DC can do is fake an impeachment trial for the people. Bread and circuses anyone? What horse manure. Might as well fiddle while Rome burns, because it’s having exactly the same effect.

    One of these days we’ll wake up (or not) and say “what happened, everything was going so well!” Our money will be worthless, the ‘stock market’ will be near zero, and panic will be everywhere. The Weimar Republic will look like Nirvana. Who will the people blame? Three guesses and the first two don’t count.

    Sorry to be so cynical, but honesty can look like that sometimes. I only hope God is paying attention. I don’t mind paying the price for my sins (which are legend) so long as those who put us here pay the price for theirs. I believe God is Just.

    Semper Fidelis

  6. Seattle is vying for “pot-head city of the world.”

    Pot + Morons + Socialism. They go together.

    (Not to mention crime, tent cities, shit piles, sex crimes, needles under your feet, pedophilia, corrupt politicians selling solutions to homelessness and a whole lot of other really creative, 21st Century stuff that our governing betters dream up because they’re so smart and they’re doing it for the children…)

  7. I’ve known several pot smokers in my life. Most quit before they were 40…..The 3 pot smokers that kept on: 1 is dead, the other 2 are functional in society but have some perception issues. They aren’t crazy, yet some parts of reality seem to come and go…..

  8. If Bob Dylan made great sense to you after his age 40, you may want a pot nation.

    My high school coach said to us. I did pot. Then I didn’t do pot. And I came to a distinct conclusion that pot does make you stupid. And I will not accept stupid on this team.

  9. Dude. I got so baked I forgot to vote.

    (Trying to conjure up a silver lining)

    Relying on pot heads for your get out the vote efforts seems somewhat short sighted.

  10. One advantage I see. If congress passes this, it won’t be a ballot issue in the 2020 election for states that haven’t already legalized pot. This will keep the dopers home on election day. Advantage: Trump!

  11. Sooner or later it will be legal and taxed. There is simply too much potential tax money to be made for the government to pass up. Vice taxes build highways and bridges.

  12. Most of the Cannabis Haters are So because they are insecure paranoid fucktard Hitler types that maybe tried a hit or two once and got all freaked from heightened awareness and it scared the shit out of them. Many of those types overcompensate with Bravado and gun talk. We all know them.

    If you think this applies to you, it probably does.

    Feel free to prove it again.

  13. Light(en) Up!

    Sounds like this is a thread with Marijuana experts?

    Conservative, Christian, Rocker, Love Rock Music/Classical Art/Museums, politically aware, voter and yes, Herbalist, have a house and a mortgage. Been working at the same office for twenty three years, earn a decent salary, under 100k, well under. Not a Millenial, and NOT a Baby Boomer either.

    Would I recommend smoking herb to a 21 year old? No, I would not. But, if they want to buy it LEGALLY when they are, let’s say, 30?? Why not? Better than on the street in a SHITHOLE or stairway or wherever, which only endorses the War on Drugs anyway.

    The ‘dispensaries’ in States where it is legal that sell it, are LEGAL job generating tax paying businesses. Let the people and the market decide, just LIKE BOOZE.

    And I enjoy my light beer too so take that!

    @ Willygoatgruff – ya never met me! Until now that is…hows that for perception?

    Oh, and btw, never met a violent pot hot but have seen the absolute damage and carnage done by heavy use of alcohol and probably with some uppers thrown in there for good measure.

    Pick your own poison, but with some moderation…

  14. Good news, I will continue to support my local dealer for my medical weed since I see a new discount coming in the future

  15. Altered. Way to win the argument with the Hitler reference!! Brilliant.

    Speaking for myself, I smoked weed for many years, but outgrew it because it made me forgetful and paranoid.

    But when government moves in, they are simply looking for another way to take their cut.

    Essentially, government has moved into all former criminal mafia enterprises, as the big mob boss. Gambling. Alcohol. Marijuana.
    Next will be prostitution. Watch.

  16. I smoked for many years, I liked it. Then when they started legalizing it all over I quit. It’s no fun being a rebel when everyone is doing it.

  17. @Horatio Prim….I couldn’t agree more especially about age requirements…..
    As a side note: a long time friend came by with his truck mounted camper. He had steps that went into the receiver hitch that he had forgotten to take off when he traveled, so he lost them. I pull out enough of my scrap metal and we are gonna make a pretty sexy replacement. It’s coming along fine with my engineering and welding skills when he slips into the camper and eats a couple of edibles. 20 minutes later he declare that he’s too stoned to help any longer….
    Anotherr friend who actually needs it for pain meds got a hold of a couple of ‘clones’. He raised 2 pounds. A lifetime supply. In Colorado you can raise 6 ‘Clones’ . What the fuck is the state gonna eventually tax?….

  18. If you’re going to invoke the Hitler reference from an altered state, you’re gonna need a fancy, Hitlerian top hat, otherwise you’re just blowin’ smoke.

    Personally, I’ve never smoked it and the smell of it makes me want to vomit (not kidding). On the other hand, I like a good tobacco pipe in the evening (outside), but I had to give that up years ago due to my teeth falling out, cancer of the tongue and larynx and deformed lips and bug eyes. Plus, my women didn’t like my bad breath.

  19. Well, IF we look at it historically, why was it legal at one time to begin with?? Not too long ago??

    IF we go waaaay further back?? The documented use of hemp, for over 350 years in this country alone, prior to legalization, has to be considered.

    100…that IS the YEAR, “imported hemp rope appears in England”.

    Made illegal in the US in 1937.


    To HP’s point, and allowing it to be bought at a locally controlled dispensary? This PREVENTS it coming into the local neighborhoods.

    As a Conservative Libertarian, and given it was legal at one time, make it legal. And, IT is not a gateway drug by any means.

    I’ve seen and hung out with both sides of the aisle on the one, but never hung out with heroin addicts.

    I heard Adam Corolla on a local station this morning, and talking about this very subject, interestingly. He basically said being BORN is the original gateway drug IF you want to go that far back in your brain.

    @ Altered – your use of pejoratives does not help your argument.

  20. Lazlo has been smoking since they told me I could not be an astronaut with one kidney. (stupid, I know)
    I like Pot. I treat it the same as alcohol
    My opinion is this: Those Mexican Bastards kill people over shitty weed that we can produce here cheaper and better.
    Fuck those Mayan bastards.
    Cut out the Pot from the Cartels ‘menu’ of services offered and deny them that market share.

  21. PHenry,
    Yes Vice Taxes do build highways and bridges. Like it or not but Big Tobacco paid for a huge chunk of our infrastructure. We can find a negative associated with all vice issues but people still smoke, drink, gamble, drive reckless, take risks and eat unhealthy. Pot isn’t going to turn everyone into heroin addicts any more than beer will make everyone an alcoholic. I don’t need a nanny, do you?

  22. PH, it’s called winning so to speak.

    “Speaking for myself, I smoked weed for many years, but outgrew it because it made me forgetful and paranoid.”

    Isn’t the normal cannabis growing order:
    Paranoia comes First. It’s Cocaine that is the other way round, right?

    But. . .a first time for everything, a cannabis smoker that took years to grow into paranoia. Amazing. Truly one of a kind.

    Or were you mix-matching?

    Doctor, doctor help me please
    I know you’ll understand
    There’s a red, under my bed
    And there’s a little green man in my head
    And he said, you’re not goin’ crazy
    Cause there’s a man in ya, gnawin’ ya, tearin’ ya into two

    Tony R,
    You may not leave the AlterTank until you say the safeword.

  23. Never implied that @Mickey. And after smoking dope for decades I never moved onto heroin or anything else. Roll’em and smoke’m. None of my business.
    I am wary of government mafia selling legalization and taxation as anything more than a money grab. These weasels are not magnanimous. They are greedy. Nothing less. The same people will legalize pot at the same time they criminalize your firearms. Same people.

  24. I’ve looked and I’ve looked and I just can’t seem to find that Article of the Constitution that empowers the central govt to control what I eat, drink, or smoke.

    The one time people wanted the govt to do that, they at least did it via constitutional amendment, i.e., the right way. If an amendment was needed to ban alcohol, how come no amendment is needed for other recreational drugs? They all can be damaging to the imbibers and those around them to one degree or another, so what is the essential difference?

    Bottom line: the central govt’s banning/control of food, drink, smokes, and recreational drugs is not a power granted them by the supreme law of the land.

  25. Did not read all comments. When Canada was told we will make it legal fish bit. What we have now taxes limited access and more severe punishment for stepping on gov toes. The gov weed is a rotting expensive glut.Most smokers keep keeping on up here like it’s business as usual forgetting the higher cost if you get nailed.

  26. I know Rensselaer. In 1966 I visited and interviewed there, got an acceptance but didn’t go. Went to UVa Engineering instead, and fled after one semester to do something more productive with my time. No, I don’t mean drugs. (-:

    As for Estados Alterados, specific memories are, ahem, sort of fuzzy. I’m mostly left with strong impressions of it being una experiencia muy, muy extraña.

  27. Hey Uncle Al,

    I was reading Carlos Casteneda at the time.

    Ring a bell??

    Y si, te entiendo…pero NO RPI o UVA???? luego??


  28. Grool,

    Can you expand further? Please.
    what is being destroyed other than Liberty itself and what is it we want to save again??


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