Bill Whittle On Jordan Peterson’s Beat Down of Feminist

“Reason vs Emotion”

Jordan B Peterson ch. 4 interview- screenshot

Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson appeared on BBC 4 to discuss the “gender pay gap” and his new book “Twelve Rules for Life” with host Kathy Newman earlier this month.

The interview went so poorly for Newman that numerous individuals are breaking down the exchange, including site favorite, Bill Whittle.  Whittle’s commentary Here.
The full interview Here 

12 Comments on Bill Whittle On Jordan Peterson’s Beat Down of Feminist

  1. Spot on, Mr. Whittle! Excellent, as always. You are one of the smartest guys on the planet. If you IOTWers like Bill Whittle as much as I do, don’t forget to check out his piece on American Exceptionalism. Particularly newsworthy after the stunningly brilliant SOTU yesterday!

  2. Bill Whittle is just another white right wing cisgender patriarch mansplaining his Republican propaganda.

    Do we really need to hear yet another one of those guys complaining?

  3. I disagree with the description “Beat Down of Feminist”, and I think that’s why it’s getting so much play. When you want your propagandist to carry the myth, and “destroy” (to your mythological satisfaction) your enemy, it’s easy to get screaming and weepy and (non-gendered) hysterical when the enemy turns and destroys your hero, instead. When your hero makes a screaming attack against a professional sumo wrestler, with a pool noodle, and he plays along (a bit), giggles (a lot), and just lets your hero wind themselves down, with the same heroic onslaught that “destroyed” (to your mythological satisfaction) all the other enemies you selected, before, it’s hard to convince anyone that they’re just big poopy head meanies. Or that you tots pwned them.

  4. Better than Bill Whittle (I do appreciate him) is Jordan Peterson. I like the hell out of him. He is really a sharp guy, and is worth listening to.


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