Bill Whittle or Not, I Like This Response

I have no idea whether this is a real exchange with Bill Whittle, but until we know I’m going to say it isn’t.

Regardless, I like what is said here by the author, no matter who they are.

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  1. I like and agree with it as well, and am so frustrated by the absolute amount of energy people put into blaming the NRA, 2A, gunners, 2A supporters, everyone except the POS shooters. When I mentioned this to someone just a few minutes ago the response was “It should be obvious” (that they have anger at the shooter). Are the people bloody serious? It should be obvious when they carry on for hours and says trying to deprive us of and violate our rights, endangering us – but it should be obvious it’s someone else they hate?

    I’m SO fed up with the absolute ignorance displayed by their twisted logic and the unwillingness they have to actually question everything except that which support their predetermined mindset. Big bad, scary gun = evil. Someone posts a heavily edited video purportedly showing a 13 year old buying a weapon and commenters go on a rave about how awful it is. And if I hear that old canard again about the “gun show loophole,” and from freaking foreigners no less, I think I might just scream until I lose my voice.

  2. Much of it sounds like something Bill Whittle would say.

    But whatever, it’s 100% true. Too bad it won’t soak through that liberal-soaked head.

    You never know, though. Someone might hear the truth in that response.

  3. I miss the good old days when every pickup in the school parking lot had a rifle in the gun rack in the back glass. Nobody was shooting up the school and nobody had to worry about some asshole stealing it.

  4. II almost wish you lot could see this ridiculous conversation – if only to alleviate my own frustration. You probably have seen it all before. The length this person goes to in indicting American culture simply amazes me, especially when failing to look at his own, which he thinks is spotless because they have bans on guns.

  5. He posted it on his FB page and spoke of it in his Stratosphere Lounge episode last night so, yes, it really was Bill W.

  6. Dear old Dad walked into a Montgomery Wards at 13 years old (@ 1937) and bought a .22 bolt action rifle for $13. No adult with him. This was normal.

    I still have that rifle.

  7. It make one weep. Our consolation is that the Left is devolved into gender-bending creatures who aren’t reproducing at a rate to replace themselves.


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