Billionaire Owners of NASCAR Seem Determined to Destroy Their Franchise – IOTW Report

Billionaire Owners of NASCAR Seem Determined to Destroy Their Franchise

American Thinker

A pair of reports yesterday lead me to question the sanity of the management of NASCAR, the privately held giant of the sport of stock car racing. While I am far from an expert on auto racing, and have never been to a NASCAR race, I have a rough idea of who attends their races and what the political preferences of the fans are. More

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  1. Time to start an alternative NASCAR.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. -Jefferson

  2. Their popularity was already on the decline before Coof-1984, Bubba’s Noose, & LGB.
    I use it for background noise to help me fall asleep after I stuff my face on Sunday.
    Then Boogety Boogety starts screaming his ass of towards the end of the race to wake me up in time for Cartoons.

  3. Screw nascar. The small oval tracks, dirt tracks and drag racing tracks are more fun.
    Hell, even tractor pulls and lawn mower races are more fun.
    Demolition derbies are in a class all by themselves.

  4. This is just another example of what we the people can expect from corporate oligarchs. We now live in an oligarchy, not a representative republic.

  5. There is a very good chance I will never watch another sporting event again in my life, either in person or on TV.

    Reading science and history are my major pastimes now.

  6. The bigger problem than NASCAR or all the rest of the professional sports are the people who continue to give them money.

    I get sick of the people on FB who talk shit about the NFL then on Sunday they post about watching their favorite team. They get their panties in a twist when I inform them they’re part of the problem.

    I read my daughter go after a NASCAR fan the other day who was bitching about LGB, she told him he’s part of the problem because he bought tickets to the Texas race. He didn’t like being called out either.

    If you can’t even stop giving your money or time to these people, then you certainly aren’t going to help take back this country.

  7. The more of these so-called sporting organizations I disassociate myself from, the happier I am. I’m buying a tractor from a neighbor who lost her husband last year and I’ll spend my time doing things on it instead of watching BS sports on TV.

  8. I literally have zero interests in virtually all the sports I loved to watch my whole life… NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, & NASCAR… gone. I still watch track, but if they let the trannie poseurs run in women’s races, then I’ll stop watching it too. The Indy Series and F1 are almost just as bad. I swear that F1 lets Louis Hamilton run an overpowered car just so a black guy can win against a beast like Verstappen.

  9. JDHasty, went to a combine demolition derby a few years ago, they tore the shit out of them.
    I enjoy the demolition derbies almost as much as I do dirt track races.

  10. They don’t want to get odd looks at the country club. Fuck them – let them go broke. Someone will step up and take over the market!


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