Bill’s turn to do the Nazi salute

See how stupid this is, lefties? See what you started?Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 1.56.53 AM

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  1. Listen Slick, if you love spinning yards and doing those Fireside Chats, you’ll feel right at home down here. We’ve even got the fire going all year ’round!’

  2. I don’t think that’s his Nazi salute.
    I think he was telling us he’s down to 5 women
    who he thinks gave him HIV.

  3. @czar:
    -Five years before he’s done in by tertiary syphilis.
    -On his last trip to pedo island he had a five year old.
    -How far Wall Street interests have their fist up his ass.

    See what you started?

  4. They must’ve plastered the makeup on him and hopped him up to get him to ‘perform’ for that long. He usually looks and sounds like shit.

    Plus, his speech was sickening.

  5. My wife Hillary has been around a long time and has dedicated her life to making people’s lives better.
    Now that’s a mouthful of horseshit.

  6. He called Hillary “the best darn change-maker I’ve ever met in my whole life”.

    Obviously he never met the teenage drive-in window gal at my local McDonald’s.

    Good thing, too – he’d probably hit on her.



  7. Old Hillary has been around for a very long time. And she indeed does make people’s lives better ‘every time she goes away, far away’. Think how much better off we will all be when she slips this earthly coil and joins FDR, Ted, Adolf and Joe (among a cast of millions) in Hell!

  8. During his comical soliloquy about the Hildabeast, I half expected him at one point to pause and shout out “Niagara Falls!…slowly I turned…step by step….”

  9. “Those of us who have more yesterdays than tomorrows…”

    You’re breaking my heart, old man. Tell Vince Foster and the dozens of others you have snuffed how many tomorrows THEY had. 🙁

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