Billy Nye’s Big Bet

In an effort to claim a narrative, climate alarmist Bill Nye agreed to be interviewed by journalist Marc Morano for his upcoming documentary Climate Hustle.


Nye showed up with a film crew of his own. During the hour 20 minute interview Nye offered two $10,000 bets to Morano, that this year would be the warmest on record and that the decade would be the warmest ever.

Morano turned down the bets, but Nye still posted a video to global warming website DeSmog and suggest that Morano was unwilling to back his skeptic position.

Morano explains why he turned down the bets and how unscientific and just plain stupid they were in the first place.  Here

Nye was attempting to replicate the famous Simon-Ehrlich wager, where the economist Julian Simon debunked the demographic alarmist Paul Ehrlich (“The Population Bomb”) of global catastrophe due to out of control population growth.

16 Comments on Billy Nye’s Big Bet

  1. Scientists follow a very well-defined method to add to our knowledge. Nye does not use that method, in fact disrespects it. He is an intellectual mouse fart.

  2. One main purpose of climate change/no vaccines/nonstandard medicine/…the list is long, is to foster suspicion and mistrust of science and the scientific process.
    A large part of the fault for the rise of all this chicanery lies in our institutes of higher indoctrination.
    Their so called “science” majors cause people to think that anyone who holds such a degree is a scientist. The fact is that the large majority of them are not scientists and have no desire to be scientists. Also, many, probably a majority of scientists either hold no degrees or have degrees that are not science majors.
    Many of the worlds best cooks are scientists, many are merely presentation artists.

  3. “this year would be the warmest on record and that the decade would be the warmest on record.”
    According to whom? It’s a suckers bet, because the media and government will always repeat that lie every year.

  4. he might be right though. i’ve had one of the warmest winters in years. And no, i didnt winter in arizona. Very moderate temps in SD and Wyoming this year.

  5. Billy Nye, Isn’t he the genius that convinced Obama that perpetual motion will slove the world’s energy problems?

  6. the climate is always changing somewhere and somehow. Here in Indiana the two previous winters were brutally cold with a decent amount of snow. This winter was pretty mild.

    But that’s because the weather also tends to even out. Two cold winters? Might have a mild one.

    Just like if the spring is very wet the rest of the summer and fall will likely be drier than normal. – It evens out.

    The sun is the largest influencer of Earth’s weather. Look at the videos on youtube account Suspicious0bservers they are on the cutting edge of studying the links between the Sun and the Earth and weather and climate. Real science, real studies and real evidence, no BS no politics no hippie hoo ha.

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