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Biden’s Been Reported Missing In Action the Last Few Days

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We’ve seen that Joe Biden has to run off to Delaware every weekend to get recharged from his heavy schedule of nap time and calling early lids. Even the NY Times reported on how the White House is having to adjust for Joe Biden’s issues, dealing with his age and incoherence.

But whatever his staff does, it doesn’t prevent the constant gaffes and incoherence every time they let him loose for any event.

Sometimes, the media presses and asks some good questions. They did that on Tuesday, asking why wasn’t there anything on Joe Biden’s public schedule for the past two days. More

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  1. Tucker Carlson is right.
    The pills are having less and less effect on him AND he is now dependent upon them for even minimal human functions (guess what I mean).

  2. Really bad Rash after the Middle Eastern Foods and subsequent “accidents” he’s been having in his pants.

  3. Some insider is going to calculate that he or she will garner more benefits by exposing the charade than continue to go along with it.

    When that person does come forward and declare the obvious that person will be treated as a pariah by the left and a hero by the right. That individual will act when he or she realizes there are more of us than of them.

  4. Today we mourn the untimely passing of our greatest president ever, his life cut short by his own hand in grief for all the suffering that Ultra MAGA Insurrectionist put thr nation he loved so much through. He was far too gentle and patient with them and paid the price, his determination proven even in his passing by his ability to shoot himself in the chest once and the back of the head twice with an AR-15.

    I speak to you today as your reluctant president, pulled from retirement to serve my nation in this dark time by a rightly distraught president Harris, who courageously appointed me her vice president and then stepped down for the good of the nation. I will be appoiting her to the Supreme Court as soon as I deal with the traitors in this nation who caused this great man’s death.

    Today I have suspended habeus corpus, federalized all state militias and police forces, and have instructed them to go house to house seizing weapons as we soeak, with orders to shoot to kill any who resist. For far too long we have tolerated the political right as they oppressed women and minorities, but as your president I tell you the patience of this nation is at an end. Voter registration rolls have been pulled, and all who are not Democrats will be immediately imprisoned for an indefinite period until we can re-educate or execute them. Any who resist will be summarily shot.

    I also take all means of production under my control to stop the price gorging and polluting of evil capitalists. A industries will now produce what I order when I order it, and for the price I set under pain of punishment or death if they refuse.

    All elections are heretofore suspended. I will appoint officials to choose all of your leaders on all levels from a Party approved list, and I reserve the right to change any appointment at will as I see fit.

    My predecessor’s one flaw was that he was too patient with you traitors to the Liberal World Order. You will find I do not have that weakness. Surrender yourselves for assignent to your local commisars by noon tomorrow, or face the consequeces.

    I have spoken. You will obey.

    Signed by my hand this day,

    President and General Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton

  5. Give ’em a few more days.
    They are waiting for the body double’s last minute plastic surgery to fully heal.

  6. ever hear the expression- “going down with the ship?”
    he’s taking the ship down with himself
    simple as

  7. All is normal, nothing of concern, per the furiously blinking White House Press Secretary Karen Hyphen.

  8. If you want to know what he said, don’t watch the video of him actually saying it, wait for the White House transcript of what he meant to say.

  9. There are several words beginning with “in” that are suitable for Biden… incoherent, incontinent, incomprehensible…he’s got about as much working brains as a douche-bag.

  10. Never forget Barry O’Butthole’s insurance policy has an insurance policy of his own.


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