Biological Male Is Top-Ranked NCAA Women’s Track Star

DC: A top-ranked runner in NCAA women’s track is dominating the competition and setting records one year after competing as a man at the same level.

Franklin Pierce University senior CeCe Telfer leads the NCAA’s Division II women’s division in the 55 meter dash and 55 meter hurdle events. Telfer led Franklin Pierce’s women’s track team into the top 25 rankings for the first time in program’s history, local newspaper The Keene Sentinel reported in December. The New Hampshire college is ranked 14th in DII.

“Senior CeCe Telfer (Lebanon, N.H.) won three Northeast-10 Conference titles on Sunday, to lead the Franklin Pierce University women’s track & field team and earn Most Outstanding Track Athlete honors at the NE10 Championships, hosted by American International College, on the campus of Smith College,” reads a Feb. 17 article the school’s athletic department posted.

Telfer broke the conference finals record at the meet and qualified for three different events at March’s NCAA championships, the article noted.   more here

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  1. “Telfer led Franklin Pierce’s women’s track team into the top 25 rankings for the first time in program’s history, ……. ”

    So they’ve found the secret to having a winning team.

  2. Add a chromosome check to the blood tests and put an end to this stupidity.

    Or do like the ancient Greeks did for the same reason: make ’em compete nekkid.

  3. My Daughter runs NCAA Div I Track. She placed Third in the 4×400 earning a bronze medal in last weeks Big East championships. If one of the colleges had a boy on their relay team, She would have lost that amazing experience and all that work for what. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for those girls.

    And It’s far worse than it sounds:


    Craig Telfer was a pretty good hurdler and all around athlete for the Franklin Pierce men’s track team last year. You can see some of his stats here. He finished second at the Greater Boston Track Club Invitational in the 60 meter hurdles as a junior, losing only to his teammate by less than 1/10 of a second. He was coming along nicely and set up for a strong senior year.

    Then Craig decided that he was really Cece, and wanted to compete with women. In a sane world this would not be allowed, since Craig is a biological male who has 21 years of male growth that gives him advantages over women. He would immediately be levels above every female he competed against.

    Here is a picture

  4. No NOT put an end to this because it creates an obvious conundrum (of which there are many) spawned by the left. Think outside of the box for a change. All conservatives should be jumping on the bandwagon and rooting for their favorite transgender athletes. Some reverse psychology is in order. This goes for the green deal (have even MORE outrageous suggestions), weapon confiscation (police and military), speech (none), etc. Stick it in their FACE.

  5. He is not “Top-Ranked NCAA Women’s Track Star” any more than I am Cleopatra Queen of the Nile

    Nobody actually believes this shit

  6. Celebrate perversity and the moral corruption of a Nation.
    Heck why don’t we just kill babies before and after they are born …. OH, we do.
    God help us.

  7. Madness!……….Madness!

    This lunacy belongs to the Socialist-Demographic Party. Let them live with it. They own the transgenders and unisex toilets and gym showers. Just like they own Obamacare and the Green New Deal, third trimester abortion, Jussie, open borders, that wee darky Spike Lee and the Oscars. It’s the Fundamental Transformation that Obama promised his cult members, and it will re-elect President Donald J. Trump.

  8. The best woman for about anything is actually a man. If Caitlyn Jenner can win some “Woman of the Year” awards, I see no reason a dude shouldn’t be allowed to dominate women’s sports.

    Just being woke here.

  9. Here’s what it is all about: If you can get a critical mass of people nodding their heads and saying that 2+2=5, then you up the ante little by little until you get a critical mass agreeing that a girl is a boy and a boy is a girl… the next step is a critical mass will agree that socialism is a humane and just system of governance.

  10. How many aspiring women athletes are going to say “fuckit – why compete against an unfair advantage deemed fair by the PC overlords?”
    There’s the real shame of it.


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