Biologists Speak: There is No Gender Spectrum

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In the increasingly brainwashed world we live in, it is incredibly refreshing when experts are willing to speak the politically incorrect truth. In Thursday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, biologists Colin M. Wright and Emma N. Hilton provide extensive commentary on the transgender fad and the notion of gender fluidity. What does the science say?  In short, it says that are only two genders: male and female.

Sadly, such an obvious conclusion can get you branded as a bigot these days.

And what about the gender “spectrum” and gender being a social construct? Wright and Hilton completely destroy the basis of these concepts. “If male and female are merely arbitrary groupings, it follows that everyone, regardless of genetics or anatomy should be free to choose to identify as male or female, or to reject sex entirely in favor of a new bespoke ‘gender identity,'” they write. “To characterize this line of reasoning as having no basis in reality would be an egregious understatement. It is false at every conceivable scale of resolution.”

Denying biological sex also “erases homosexuality” since “same-sex attraction is meaningless without the distinction between the sexes.”


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  1. If someone went to a doctor and said ‘I feel like my left arm isn’t there, please cut it off’ the doctor would refer him for psych counseling and most certainly would not cut off the person’s arm. And there are people who suffer from such afflictions. But if that same person says ‘I am a woman trapped in a woman’s body, cut it off’ the doctor, whether he was willing or not, would be pressured by society to do so. What’s the difference? None, really.

  2. “Denying biological sex also “erases homosexuality” since “same-sex attraction is meaningless without the distinction between the sexes.”

    And, as a bonus, “the feminist movement” and “feminism” are officially meaningless and can be discarded.

    Thank you, Transgenderism!

  3. It’s too simple for progressives to understand or accept. Men do not have a uterus, PERIOD. And no amount of political correctness gymnastics is going to change that immutable and irrefutable fact. If you can’t conceive and develop a human fetus within you, you are not a female. I don’t care how badly you want to be one, you are not!

  4. I drank so much tequila the other night that I had a dream that I had become transgender and had a penisectomy…it scared the shit out of me so much that it woke me up I ran into the bathroom and HOLY SHIT my dick was GONE!!! Then I realized that I was just fat and couldn’t see it without the aid of a MIRROR! I gotta quit drinking!

  5. It’s the communist’s attempt at sameness. Sameness in thought, deed, and gender.

    God loves diversity, but to eliminate his creation of 2 genders, and substitute it with 60 mentally ill alternatives is not what he had in mind.

  6. @Anonymous FEBRUARY 16, 2020 AT 7:15 PM
    “You mean I can no longer identify as an affordable single floor plan ranch home?”

    Yes you can. As long as you don’t have an Insinkerator as that confuses AOC.


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