Bird Grinding Wind Farm Shutting Down

At one time Altamont Pass in California was home to 7,000 wind turbines. Environmentalists couldn’t ignore the number of bird deaths caused by all those spinning blades.


Of particular concern were the golden eagles getting chewed up when flying low looking for varmints.

Altamont Winds, Inc (AWI), with its 828 turbines, killed or injuring 67 golden eagles over a ten year period.

AWI announced that it will be permanently shutting down its turbines tomorrow.





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  1. That’s one butt-ugly hillside, one I’ve driven by many times, covered with, as James Delingpole calls them, “bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes.”

    I’m not holding my breath waiting for AWI to tear down the decommissioned monsters.

  2. I would note that “closure” is not the same as “removal”. If you lock the hub brake and feather the blades the rotor will not turn, but the eyesore remains. There are hundreds of decrepit windmills all over California and it sounds like there will be plenty more.

  3. They are the perfect raptor killing machine.
    Other birds fly into them, and rodents and snakes gather to feed on the carcasses. This draws raptors in to also be food for the rodents and snakes.
    This should not be a surprise as rats, snakes, and progressives are kin.

  4. Once again we see the victims of the unintended consequences of leftist environuts. You never hear about this….move along, nothing to see.

    True story. These nuts tried to stop my city ftom building a 200 feet high tower to commemorate the bicentenial of its founding. The reason was that migrating birds would crash into the tower and be injured. Calling these folks birdbrains is sn insult to birds. I confronted one of these nut cases several years later for another project they were trying yo disrupt. He couldn’t tell us how many birds committed suicide by crashing into the tower over the previous years. My guess was none.

  5. Yeah, two weeks ago I brought this up to a young black guy that was at my door to sneak-change my electricity provider.

    He said something about using green energy and I mentioned it aint really green and windmills are killing birds.

    I asked him if he knew that if he possessed even one feather from a bird-of-prey that he would be fined heavily and he said no. Me: ‘And yet the wind companies are killing bald eagles and falcons every day without any fines or repercussions’.

    His answer? “It isn’t bad because since they have a brain – they’re committing suicide! So it’s OK and not the fault of the windmills!”

    He finally left my porch after 15-20 ‘OK, Ya gotta go now. Bye’


  6. “unintended” consequences?
    Failure is always the intended consequence. Success would remove the need for them to do more.
    I realize that what they do appears stupid to most people, but it is, in fact, the most rational method for extracting the maximum from the public trough with the minimum of effort.
    Creating a permanent underclass is a failure from a societal perspective, but a success to those that profit from it. Same applies to solar power, windmills, climate change, and the million other scams they run.

  7. A point I never see addressed:

    This is a butterfly effect on steroids.

    These efforts take energy out of the winds. This you can’t deny.

    Tell me it doesn’t affect what was normal wind speeds downwind.

    Same with getting energy from waves. The machinery placed in mats over large swaths of sea area takes energy out of the waves and quiets them to a degree.

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about these huge butterfly effects on the environments? It’s altering nature.

    Where’s the 20 year EPA study on this?

  8. I have a foolproof method of dealing with solicitors. I accepted some tracts from the 7th day Adventists, and when a solicitor comes to the door I present the tracts and pretend to try to convert them.
    I am on some kind of list now, because they all stopped coming to my door even though I see them in the neighborhood all the time.

  9. LOL! I had one last week. Rings the bell and the first thing out of his mouth was”I’m Paul from xx energy and I need to see your electric bill immediately”.

    Why do you need to see my electric bill immediately?

    “To see if you are being overcharged”

    Good bye and get off my porch immediately Paul.

    Makes me wonder who trains these people. It was so unprofesional.

  10. I don’t mean to be an ass, but isn’t the “butterfly effect” a perversion of chaos theory made up by Spielberg in a movie?
    If you look at hurricanes it is obvious that a few miles of land absorbs more wind energy than a trillion windmills could.
    Now, solar panels changing the base reflectivity of deserts is a real issue.

  11. Those panels would be another example of what I’m saying.

    And no, Spielberg may have picked it up and ran with it but it’s been around a long time as a manipulative argument of environmentalism.

    God forbid, the ideas of putting giant mirrors in space to alter the pattern of the sun’s energy falling on the Earth fall into this category too..

  12. Well, maybe he picked it up from the leftards, but it is the reverse of chaos theory.
    For example, take a CAT5 hurricane, and a single drop of rain.
    We can, with high energy devices like atomic bombs, snuff out a hurricane. On the other hand we lack the power to stop a single drop of rain.
    Chaos theory is in some ways counterintuitive, but it is a good tool for analyzing some kinds of problems.

  13. I’ve driven by them many times as well and it pisses me off knowing that they’re killing endangered birds. I am by no means a PETA freak, but I am an avid bird watcher. If you’ve ever witnessed eagles in action, it’s a sight to see. Take a trip to Alaska, it’s a wonder to see.

  14. I think the people you are referring to are JW’s. Seventh-day Adventists aren’t the type to come to your door and hand out literature. They believe the Pope is the antiChrist and I am sure they would piss off enough people handing out their antiPope, and their 666 literature. As it is, Ben Carson is going to have a very hard time answering his belief because that is what 7th day Adventist teach. He has no room to squirm out of that one.

  15. If the SDAs aren’t in your area, good for you.
    The JWs are easy to spot, salt and pepper with a kid.
    The SDAs show up like the Mormons. Usually one male, sometimes two.
    I am not dumping on any of these people, they are all harmless.

  16. This is simply lack of thorough planning. Wild eyed young idealists have a dream (and it IS a noble dream) to harness the wind. They failed, take them down, do something else
    I would like to see the Altamont Pass use solar energy to convert sunshine into delicious grass which will be converted by cows into delicious steaks and generate prosperity for the land owner.

  17. One way prevent all these bird deaths would be to strap a progtard to each of the blades, making certain they are all the same weight, and give each of those green-energy assholes a couple of those hand-held air horns so they can warn off any approaching birds.

  18. Endangered Species Act meets “Greeeeeeeen Energy”.

    Fluckin’ leftist idiots are now eating each other!!!

  19. i live bout 30 miles, as the eagle flies, from Indian Point Nuclear Plant in New York. Across the Hudson River from the plant on Jones Point there is a refuge of Bald Eagles. Been there for years. Each year in the winter thousands of “us” visit Jones Point to watch and photograph the eagles catch fish and land on the ice flows on the Hudson and eat them. It’s a sight to behold. There are no fucking wind turbines in the area. I hope that Gov. Cuomo and his EPA asshohes , who want to close Indian Point, fail. We’re doing just fine Gov. Just leave us to fuck alone
    Wind turbines in the area will certainly kill the eagles and every other dumb fucking bird that runs into them. Birds are birds. And they don’t have Planned Parenthood to protect them either.

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