BirthStrike activists pledge not to have kids because Earth has ‘no future’

American Thinker: A new climate activist group is solemnly pledging not to have any children because our planet has “no future.”

#BirthStrike has about 90 members, and, judging by their spokesperson, they are a really, really depressed bunch of crazies.

Blythe Pepino is founder of the group:

“Lay the children around me and I’m fighting for them, really.  This is my way of saying come on humanity, we have got two options.  We are either going to commit some kind of species suicide by ignoring the issue because we’re too afraid of the change of something or we are going to unite together and at least try and manage some of the collapse that’s predicted in a sensible and rationable way.  I’m not living a monastic life.”

CARLSON: “I think you should have children.  They solve a lot of problems and put things in perspective.”

PEPINO: “We don’t have time.”

They must be worried that their kids will have Methuselah’s genes, because even the most hysterical climate change scientists are saying we have at least 100 years before the sky falls.  more here

24 Comments on BirthStrike activists pledge not to have kids because Earth has ‘no future’

  1. How will the ranks fill the ranks with skulls full of mush like those protesting today? That must be what no-enforcement of immigration is.

  2. Someone needs to drive home with these kids to stop worrying about the planet and start being responsible for their own lives.

    “The Planet is fine. The people are fucked.” – George Carlin

    In particular, the governments on our planet have made a mess of most everything.

  3. What a convenient “virtue signaling” excuse to live the hedonistic, self centered lives they have been enjoying. They won’t always be young, cute and healthy. Sorry I won’t be around in their old age to see how they fare with no one to see them through the last of their “golden years” and the inevitable health problems. Maybe the’ll start canabalizing each other….oh wait… assisted suicide to the rescue.

  4. His movement is self limiting, much like the Shakers of the 19th century who did not believe in marriage and children. They die out for lack of replacements. I will wager there are no Muslims, Indians, Chinese, or Africans in his club.

  5. The members of the group are probably just so damned butt ugly that they wouldn’t be able to find anyone who wanted to have sex with them anyway.

  6. Good, don’t have kids.
    By your statements you have proved that you are an idiot.
    Any kid you have will be an idiot as well.

  7. Finally a virtue-signaling movement that I can really support. I hope it becomes wildly successful and opens branches on every major college campus and Prog city in the world.
    Get those tubes tied and vas deferens snipped to ensure no backsliding.

  8. O.k., first show me a society that has successfully managed its portion of our earth. Wild fires frequently ravage western states, and are frequently made worse by our efforts to control the forests. We can’t stop lighting from setting forests on fire. We can’t prevent hurricanes, and we can’t prevent tornadoes. We can’t stop high winds. We can’t prevent flooding. We can’t prevent tsunamis. We can’t stop earthquakes, nor can we even predict when they will occur. We can’t stop mudslides or avalanches, and the best we can do when it snows is plow the roads. We can’t make it rain when we want it to rain, and we can’t make it stop when we want it to stop. We can’t prevent drought. We can’t stop damage to the ocean front during storms or due to natural erosion. Winters are cold, and summers are hot, and we have no idea on how to change this. We can’t stop volcanoes from erupting.

    These are all things that have occurred for thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions or even billions of years. We can try to minimize the damage nature causes, but much of the time we still end up making things worse.

    But these people are convinced that we can control climate change, even though we have an absolutely abysmal track record of controlling anything. Yes, we should be good stewards of the earth and its resources, but it is complete folly to believe that we can influence climate change, which we really don’t understand anyway.

  9. Is there a crowd strike or go fund me set up for their sterilization process? If so I’m in for a few bucks. I like this idea.

  10. Well you know….. If everyone embraced this it would ensure the species suicide…. what a dolt!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  11. Maybe Darwin wasn’t so off the mark with his theory of natural selection, especially when these nimrods have marked themselves for extinction! Survival of the fittest works!


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