Biting the hand that fluffs them

Patriot Retort: The problem with stoking a mob is you can’t control it.  It isn’t like a weapon you can point in a specific direction that only hurts those you hate.  It is by definition, uncontrollable. And after years of fluffing this mob, the mob is biting the hand that did the fluffing.

Patriot Retort

Yesterday, CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta was attacked by the very mobs CNN has excused, placated and even praised.  Hard not to see the irony in that.

For the last four years, CNN has gone to bat for Antifa.  And now Antifa has turned their bats on CNN.

For the first time in years, this former news outlet has finally discovered that these are violent mobs.

Remember when Chris Cuomo tweeted this about Antifa?  Yes, they are brave just like the guys who stormed the beaches on D-Day. more here

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  1. My uncle stormed the beaches at Normandy but I never once recall him rioting and burning down Target stores!

  2. XiNN has been stoking this (these) fires as directed by their overlords. Reap what you sow. Need to break the chink chains.

  3. How is it that soros is still alive? He is the enemy of all free people. Does anyone know where he hangs out?

  4. We’ve allowed this to develop, now we have to live with it.

    It’s not going away anytime soon, so get over it and live with it.

  5. The fact is all of this burning & looting could be stopped in 1 night. I thought the deal was I send you an ungodly amount of what I earn and you keep crap like this from happening.

    Telling the police to stand down ain’t the deal. Allowing lifetimes of work & sweat to go up in flames because…why, why the fuck are you breaking the deal?

    If these scumbags ever decide to come to my town or for that matter, any nearby ones, they’re leaving horizontal and toes up. And we the people that live there sure as fuck aren’t going to be asking for permission to protect ourselves.

  6. Nothing increases COVID mask wearing quit like these riots, high unemployment and the shutdown. They get a do-better slip on social distancing, however.

  7. I am happy with every liberal city burning right down to the ground. To hell with them. They smirked when we complained about being locked in our house. Now i’m smirking about their lives turning to cinders and ashes.

  8. CNN excused the mob as NOT targeting CNN, but the cops who were hiding out in their building!

    They still refuse to own this, much less admit all those woke points they’ve been banking on behalf of antifa, came time to cash in and got a beat down for insufficient funds. 😂

  9. Rose City ANTIFA was burning the Portland Justice Center when I went to sleep last night. Mayor is conveniently out of town.

  10. @Left Coast Dan May 30, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    > Every person arrested is from out of town.

    While conservatives insist it is their consitutional duty to remain on the couch.

    Where do you math this’ll end up?

  11. Out of town ANTIFA. All the videos I watched looked like Antifa. They all had the on sight commander yelling instructions. They also killed two cops and wounded a third last night. Killed one, injured one in Oakland Ca. Killed an FBI agent in Portland. So it would appear ANTIFA has become more dynamic with a level of rank or responsibility and part of that rank has at least tried to learn some skill sets with a firearm. Last year it was reported that ANTIFA and BLM were acquiring Trump supporters names and addresses with the intent to do home invasions and kill the families. I don’t think this can be taken as an empty threat. Soros has managed them well. I would look for this to escalate and continue for a while.

  12. @Txn4Evr May 30, 2020 at 12:45 pm

    > Soros damnit Soros!

    Soros just works the joystick of your favorite game better than you do. He’s, obviously, not getting worse at it. You’re, obviously, not getting better at it.

    > Why are you allowing this to happen?

    Because you can’t win. You can’t cheat. And every. damn. time. somebody tries to pull the plug on that game, you squeal, pout, and stomp your feet.

  13. How many here have contacted the WH to have Soros arrested? To have antifa declared a terrorist org and the leaders arrested?

  14. @ Engelburka Engelburka

    Here’s hoping more cops hide out in CNN buildings. And Pelousy too! After all a fire at her place would probably melt all her expensive ice cream.

  15. I despise the senseless destruction but my evil side smiled at CNN being attacked.

  16. Truck driver runs over protester. Roads being blocked. Cops being attacked. Police stations burning. Protesters being run over. Good. Kill them all. About damn time.

  17. Maybe the time has come to eliminate
    disguised NAZI gyorgy schwartz
    and his entire anti-USA org

  18. loved every minute of it.

    they were egging on the protest in mini and blamong coppers while hiding behind them at the head office.

    cops should have left them to the mob.

  19. The rioters are paid, organized and bussed in across state lines. There are laws on the Federal books against this:
    “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.”
    Why isnt this being applied, top to bottom?

  20. Follow the money on these rioters.

    We’ll find it comes from the billionare-class like soros and bezos. And China.

    But do it!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I have a different take on all this. It about meeting girls. These ANTIFA freaks are so ugly without a mask, and deformed (sort of clones of Jeff Zucker and Andy Lack), simply rioting might appear noble to brain-dead lefty women. Really…it’s all about getting laid.

  22. We seriously need to ambush these busses bringing looters into cities. Blow out the tires and mow down everyone except the bus driver when they emerge.

  23. @orestia May 30, 2020 at 6:24 pm

    > simply rioting might appear noble to brain-dead lefty women. Really…it’s all about getting laid.

    I have seen the lefty wymyns. Nope. Not even with your junk. On a stick.

  24. @Death_By_Farts May 30, 2020 at 7:33 pm

    I admire your spirit. I do.

    Now, OPSEC. Don’t tell me what “you” did. Don’t tell me what somebody told you “they” did. Don’t even admit to hearing an urban legend, from a friend of a friend. Just point me to the interwebz documentation of all… oh, let’s make this easy, just “any”… of the (proudly) armed caravans of looters, that already destroyed most of those business, last month… that were interdicted. Just one. I’ll wait.

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