Bitter & Butthurt Clinton Campaign Staffers Now Driving Anti-Trump ‘Women’s March’ Org.

DailyCaller: Six former Hillary Clinton campaign operatives are playing key roles for one the nation’s most prominent anti-Trump organizations.

The Women’s March on Washington originated as an inauguration weekend protest against the Trump administration. Since then, however, Women’s March has continued organizing against President Trump, mobilizing opposition against his cabinet nominees and executive orders on immigration.

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  1. All this noise, violence, lighting fires, laying land mines for trump, all enabled by the press will not end well for the left.

  2. I agree with Fritz. It has reached the karmic point that the left will not succeed in any of their endeavors. Instead everything they try will backfire in their face. If in the end they resort to violence they will have not known what hit them.

  3. What kind of hat this time’ round? I heard ‘red’ is the color of the day so don’t wear red tomorrow. Green is the opposite color of red- but that probably supports climate change.

    Libtards have ruined the color wheel.

  4. Hmmm. Maybe tomorrow I’ll show up in D.C Maybe I can be an on the scene reporter for IOTW and get one or two of these twats to have a hot lunch.
    Sorry. I have an attitude problem tonight. Can you tell?

  5. A women’s national strike? Seriously? That’s no way to break the glass ceiling girls, it’s a good way to get yourselves fired.

  6. Fritz/Billy I agree with both of you, but I want to change the subject for a minute, just for a minute. Bear with me please.
    I’m retired with a small pension and social security. Today I got a letter from the mother of an LEO who is up on charges in Tulsa, Oka.
    requesting a few bucks for LEO Shelby’s defense. I obliged.
    But I am looking at my check book and I realize I can’t afford this
    anymore: As Everett Dirkson said years ago ” a million here, a million there, soon mounts up to a lot of money.”
    Fuck it, he’s rightl
    Over the past years I’ve been sending stipends to the following:
    Media Research Center
    Freedom Alliance.
    Freedom Works.
    Judicial Watch
    Paralized Veterans
    Wounded Wariors
    Iotw report
    The Heritage Foundation.
    Saint Judes.
    The Smile Program
    Feed the Children in Africa Program
    And many more
    Truth is I’m on a small pension with social security and I can’t
    afford this any more. If I ever hit the Lottery.before I die, I will support you all.
    But , right now, stop breaking my fucking balls with requests for
    Back to you Bro

  7. I predict the “Womens Strike” will be a monumental failure, but the MSM will declare it a HUGE success.

  8. I think there are people who just like to bitch.
    Every liberal I know spends the day bitching.
    Most have zero skill sets and are on welfare so they have plenty
    of free time to bitch.
    I run a company with over 500 employees I don’t have time to eat most days.

  9. I don’t know. I’m getting really tired of this non-stop tantrum. They’re going to be very sorry when conservatives get to the point of real annoyance.

  10. Remember that little torture move performed by the school district head in the Jon Voight film The River is Wide? He called it “milking the rat”? Anybody? Does it work? It looked really simple and very stealthy.

  11. The only people I’ve ever heard with a pention are people who were in a union.
    I would starve before joining union.

  12. @Abby, a move taught to me years ago.
    When shaking someones hand, you extend and firmly grasp your right thumb with your left hand, grind the second knuckle of your forefinger into the first thumb knuckle of the others right.
    Very painful and the nerve pinch pretty much makes their right hand useless.
    This puts a quick and painful end to the hand squeezing jerks.

  13. Moe Tom I was a member of Judicial Watch for a couple years but I got tired of them exposing the crimes committed by politicians and nobody ever going to jail. Hell nobody even got fired not even to this day!
    And isn’t Wounded Warriors anti-gun? I used to give a lot of money to Feed the Children until the daughter was caught embezzling.
    Saint Jude is a multi-billion dollar operation, my small donation would be better used elsewhere.
    And why can’t a bunch of the charitable groups consolidate and cut the overhead?

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