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Black Box Indicates China Eastern Flight Deliberately Crashed into Mountain


U.S. investigators believe someone on board deliberately crashed a China Eastern flight in March, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday, in what was China’s deadliest air disaster in decades.

China Eastern flight MU5375 was travelling from Kunming to Guangzhou on March 21 when it inexplicably plunged from an altitude of 29,000 feet into a mountainside, killing all 132 people on board. More

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  1. Which begs the question, who was on board that plane that the CCP didn’t want to arrive alive?

  2. Interesting Note:
    Rep Swallwell Chinese spy mistress Fang Fang was on that plane. The company she was working for confirmed this soon after the crash

  3. NYT:

    By Monday afternoon, the identity of one of the passengers missing, and most likely dead, emerged: Fang Fang, the chief financial officer of Dinglong Culture, a mining and resources company in Yunnan Province, where the flight began. Her company said that she was on the flight, but denied rumors that six other company managers were also on it.

  4. Uncle – “…Fang Fang, the chief financial officer of Dinglong…”

    Oh the childish jokes that could be made with that one. I’m tempted. Where’s Otis Day and the Knights when you need them? Or even Chuck Berry.

  5. The Clintoon Global Initiative prides itself in being able to service its international clients with all of the products it markets domestically. Arkancide is just one of the services it will export on demand; call Chelsea at 666-BIgelow 2-2222 for a quote.

  6. Here’s the Fang Fang article of her death. I did not know this. Sounds like her and bunch of her cronies were “Clintonized.”

    The Crash of China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735 – Someone Wanted Fang Fang Dead – Care to Guess Who?

    Don’t hear any more about it other than it was intentional.

  7. “The plane did what it was told to do by someone in the cockpit,”

    …which is always the point I try to make here about automated control systems.

    Robots do what they are told to do.

    For better or worse.

    They have no self-preservation instinct because they have no instincts at all. They don’t know good or evil, life or death, pain or pleasure, they simply follow instructions.

    So if your operator tells them to do something stupid…they do something stupid.

    …yes there are some things you can do to try to “program around” stupid operators. You can use sensors to tell you what the aircraft is doing, for example, and where its going, and tell it to not allow certain actions in certain parameters.

    Which means you, as a ground programmer, need to think of every possible scenario where a person can devil a plane and counterprogram, but what do you make the plane do INSTEAD once it takes authority from the human flying it?

    You don’t know. A plane could be doing anything anywhere and you simply don’t have enough imagination for every weird thing that can happen and terrain all over the earth.

    This also presupposes that all your sensors work all the time and no one left a sock on a pitot tube either accidentally or deliberately (as has happened), or the angle of attack sensor hasn’t frozen (also happened), or a million other I/O problems for which you have a human pilot in the FIRST place.

    After the Germanwings thing, someone suggested that ground controllers should be able to seize control authority from the ground and fly it like a drone to a safe landing. Well, most contollers are not pilots for one thing, and are you sure you can trust THEM for another, and also if THEY can do it, this can be HACKED and ANYONE can do it. Not a great idea.

    …there’s stuff we’re not being told here because, Communists (get used to that), so we don’t know what the voice recorder said for example, even in Mandarin, so we don’t know if this was hijack or crew. If they input to the FMC or the autopilot directly, it would most likely be crew, althogh you can never rule out semi-trained Muzzies (cf. 9/11). It COULD be an accidental input like a wrong mode was used and it didn’t do what they expected (as has happened), but there’s LOTS of verbal warnings and bells, some of which can ALSO be disabled by annoyed pilots (as has happened). Also, in controlled airspace (and, c’mon, China!) the controller will probably ask you what the hell you’re doing as well.

    If it’s an interloper, a non-Communist bunch of people would jump his shit at the cockpit door. Beaten down Commies, not so much. Could be a factor.

    Also after the Germanwings thing, Western airlines started requiring a flight crew member babysit the remaining pilot when one went to take a whiz so there would be 2 at all times, but don’t know if China did that. We’ll see. Or maybe we won’t. Because Communists never admit failure and never admit that Government is not omniscient.

    There’s a lot to unpack here about how automation works, how humans work, Communist lies, how things go wrong, but at the end of the day every flight is packed with potential death for both passengers and those on the ground, so the best you can do is pray like every day may be your last and every flight may be diverting to the cemetery.

    Because that potential will ALWAYS exist, as no one’s ever left a plane in the sky.

    And Jesus is the only gate agent that can truly arrange your final destination, so you may want to talk to Him before boarding.

    …just a suggestion.

    …so pray for the families of those folks who took an unscheduled tour of the mountains, whatever you think of the Chinese.

    Because next week, it might be you.

  8. Uncle Al
    MAY 18, 2022 AT 8:46 AM

    “Dinglong Culture”

    …sometimes transliteration makes it REALLY hard to take the Chinese seriously.

  9. Fang Fang and everyone else on that Chinese plane went out with a bang bang. Her last Chinese fortune cookie read, “Sorry, you know too much, good riddance.” Signed, the CCP!

  10. I would be careful in jumping to the conclusion that the Fang Fang identified in the NYT plane crash article is the same Fang Fang tied to Swallowswell.

    Using Gokdenfoxx’s Bitchute video link. we are informed that she was born in 1993 and moved to the US in 2011. That makes her 18 years old. She “attended” Cal State Eastbay in 2011 and was involved in infiltrating US politics for the next four years. When did she get her undergraduate degree and presumably the MBA necessary to become CFO if a large corporation?

    She moved back to China in 2015, so assuming she resumed her college studies that means she received her degree(s) in 2018 or so. Four years later she is CFO? That’s a mighty fast rise.

    There needs to be better confirmation that the two Fangs are one in the same.

  11. “… we are informed that she was born in 1993 and moved to the US in 2011.That makes her 18 years old.”

    Math much?

  12. “…Math much?…”

    2011 minus 1993 equals 18, depending on when her birthday was and when she moved to the US – possibly 19.

    Are you always an asshole or do you just play one on iOTW?

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