Black Christmas -1974

The iconic scene that became a cliche for years to come.

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  1. Have not seen that one @BFH, but I do recommend the below to those that like HORROR:

    Frailty, 2001

    This movie is LACED with great actors including Bill Paxton as the father.

    I actually prefer comedy. That is one of the reasons I am here!

    GHOST, and BOOS to YOUS!

  2. @ghost and BFH – Awesome recommendation!
    Paxton, McConaughey and Powers Boothe
    Forgot I saw it, well worth the re-watch,,

  3. There’s something wrong with me, I think. Hollywood horror movies have never scared me. However, there are a couple of themes from some scifi’s that have – and some dreams I’ve had that scared the bejabbers out of me.

    Maybe we should have a “what’s your scariest moment/idea?” post (from whatever source).

  4. @ Tony R – yep I said that, have you seen Frailty?

    This is NOT the Titanic or Aliens…more ‘horror’ movies, btw with Bill, may he RIP.

    Drowning alive has got to be THE worst! Being eaten alive from the inside is pretty bad too.

  5. I find the most ironic aspect of BLACK CHRISTMAS is its director Bob Clark… who would direct the classic A CHRISTMAS STORY nine years later.

    Bob Clark – 1939-2007


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