Black conservative documentary ‘Uncle Tom’ reaping raves on major film sites — and profits

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Produced and co-written by conservative talk show host Larry Elder, the word-of-mouth hit connects to the growing “Blexit” movement encouraging black flight from a Democratic Party they say takes black voters for granted.

Apolitically-charged documentary about an unheralded voting bloc is drawing raves on two of the web’s biggest film sites.

“Uncle Tom: An Oral History of the American Black Conservative” lets its subjects share why they favor smaller government — and the ridicule they endure for that position.  

The film profiles famous black Americans like Candace Owens, Lt. Col. Allen West and the recently deceased Herman Cain. “Uncle Tom” also gives everyday black citizens a voice, sharing both their admiration for the country and the slurs hurled at them from the progressive side of the aisle. more

5 Comments on Black conservative documentary ‘Uncle Tom’ reaping raves on major film sites — and profits

  1. “Another clean articulate black man,” says Joe Biden.

    Larry Elder remains me a lot of Ben Shapiro; smart a whip, erudite, and possessing remarkable retrieval capacity for ready-made facts and figures on a myriad of subjects. And he talks almost as fast as Ben does.

  2. RICH

    Larry is hardly like Ben! They are both from SoCal – I think a reader here may have gone to school with Ben, or at least the same school.- and both lawyers; other than that the are almost opposites.
    Larry is a Ronny conservative, who does now ,and always has believed in “Voo Doo economics” aka “the invisible hand of God. Ben believes in the mailed fist of big government.
    2 eg
    When GWB signed “common Core” into law (1/8/02) Ben was glad; Larry was mad.

    When GWB signed the law authorizing the taxpayers (fed govt) take over of many businesses, most notable GM (10/3/08) Ben was glad; Larry was mad.
    GWB’s acolyte- BHO – actually implemented the takeover of GM by the taxpayers. But it was TARP that made it legal; or so said the liberal Chief Justice.”Big John”

    Ok eg#3

    Larry Thinks Big John is bad; Benn says he is OK

  3. Wake up black America. The democrats have used you like a cheap whore. Been keeping you hooked on the drugs of envy, anger and welfare, while all along giving you the excuse that your lot in life is not your fault – just so they can squeeze one more trick (aka vote) out of your worn out body.


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