Black Conservatives Slam Chris Cuomo for Saying ‘Fredo’ Is Like the ‘N-Word’


Black conservatives are slamming CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for saying that him being called “Fredo” was the same as someone using the “n-word” for a black person.

During a confrontation caught on camera, a man asked Cuomo if he was “Fredo” — a reference to a character on The Godfather who is less intelligent than his brothers.

Cuomo, whose brother is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, went on an expletive-laced tirade in which he claimed the name was “like the n-word” for Italians and threatened to throw the man down a flight of stairs.

Candace Owens, who founded the Black-exit from the Democrat Party, or “Blexit,” movement, said Cuomo’s remark was further evidence that CNN is the “most racist network on TV.”

“They use the history of black Americans as a shield so they can go after their opponents. @ChrisCuomo claiming that ‘Fredo’ is the same as the N word, so he can feel righteous as he thugs someone — proves my point,” she tweeted. There’s a lot more.

5 Comments on Black Conservatives Slam Chris Cuomo for Saying ‘Fredo’ Is Like the ‘N-Word’

  1. hope he ends up like that sportcaster with the wrap around eyebrows. Cant think of his name. He’s now washed up.

  2. Fredo wouldn’t last 5 minutes as a black man.
    The “Black Like Me” card is never plausible and always ridiculous.


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