Black Friday was kinda lame

NTD: CHICAGO—Bargain hunters ventured out in chilly weather to buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday, finding stores less crowded than in years past as major U.S. retailers opened their doors early.

A shift online, COVID-19 fears and less-steep discounts have thinned crowds on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, which kicks off the year-end shopping season. Many shoppers are also choosing curbside pick-up rather than venturing inside.

“What a lot of customers are doing is drive-up, they don’t even enter the store. I think that’s one of the reasons it looks quiet,” said Ian Korolenko, 29, a vacuum salesperson asked by Target to help out on Black Friday.

“I also think a lot of these stores do their Black Friday deals earlier in the week now, and a lot of them go online now.” more

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  1. I miss seeing the headlines and videos of all the fighting and swarming of the stores for Chinese crap at midnight although it appears that has been replaced with looting Nordstroms, Best Buy and Home Depot in broad daylight by dozens of thugs. Another Let’s Go Brandon.

  2. No one cares anymore. BLM was probably there to call all the White shoppers racists anyway. And most of the big name retailers have pissed everyone off too.

  3. We could use a lot less of the crass commercialism that surrounds the holidays. Have a Charlie Brown Christmas.

  4. I hang lights,starting tomorrow,in
    memory of CHRIST.My wife loved this time
    of year and I was tasked with 2 weeks set-up
    and 2 weeks tear-down inside and out.The 80′
    radio tower gets lights also.The commercial
    side of the holidays has high jacked the true
    meaning with some really bad stuff….

  5. That ‘drive up’ thing the Target worker was squawking is bogus since many people are foregoing any big brick-mortar shopping this year due to the Biden’s hostile though blundering stumbling takeover of the nation and the tyrannical manipulations of our lives. Add that it takes his high-priced gas to get to the stores while small online biz are seeing more profits.

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