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Black Guilford College Students Demand All Professors Admit they are Racist

In the wake of protests at the University of Missouri, students of color at Guilford College are rallying against perceived racism on their campus. Guilford College is in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Like their compatriots in Missouri, the protesting students have released a list of demands. If they are “not met within a week,” protesters promise they will rally on campus again.
Among other things the students want, they are pushing the college to have professors, administrators, and staff to admit they are racist, that no black people should be in any marketing campaigns for the time being, and an investigation into Yik Yak, a smart phone app similar to a localized online bulletin board.

“We want black bodies out of marketing campaigns until Guilford addresses its diversity issues,” reads the first demand. They continue later, “We demand a plan for the end of exploitation of black male athletes. The college must not be able to profit off of black bodies while putting minimal effort into the education and retention of those same students,” it continues.

The group then writes, “We demand that school administrators, professors, staff, and student leaders acknowledge their racism, be it overt covert or passive.” They then demand “that faculty and staff [be] protected and able to voice solidarity with students and/or frustration with administration.”

They also demand Yik Yak be investigated: “We demand an investigation to the extent of the school’s ability into [sic] hateful Yik Yak posts and comments. Should these posts and comments turn overtly violent, the students demand the School takes it to the proper authorities and promise the safety of black students on campus. These should be treated no differently from other anonymous hate crimes.”

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  1. they sure do love this self-imposed racism shit

    one big party, a reason to not go to class, etc

    must be mid-term or final time

  2. And to think the traditional black spring break beach parties, which are promoted only to black people, for black people, by black people, include activities such as riots, shootings, gang rapes, more shootings, more gangs, rival gangs, drug wars, and MORE are only 6 months away!

    Miami Beach, Panama Beach City, Daytona, we don’t know where they will strike next.

    Black Lives Matter is going to be doing a heck of a job agitating these already hopped up college age boys and girls. Being a college student is of course, optional.

  3. Guilford College is a super-liberal, little college. I know some people who went there and they are the epitome of spoiled, rich kids who don’t know anything about the real world.

  4. Obama’s nationalization of student loans has completely cut off any ability of the free market to bring sanity through the free market to what are quickly becoming revolutionary institutions of totalitarianism.

  5. “We demand a plan for the end of exploitation of black male athletes … ” Hell, that one is easy- Coach: “all you white guys are now the starting line-up. And if you black athletes have a problem with that, take it to the BLM people. I’m tired of ‘exploiting’ y’all.”

  6. I have a theory about people that I call the “Well of Empathy”.

    It’s simple, really. Picture, in your heart or soul, that you have a vessel that contains the pooled up empathy, or good will, that you have accumulated for other people, be they family, friends, or even strangers about whom you would like to assume the best.

    You might even imagine that it’s a sort of savings account.

    As people interact with you positively, their particular vessel continues to fill up. A very nearly full or overflowing vessel, it’s fair to say, would be associated with people who you love, respect, admire, etc. Sometimes people slip up; the levels will go down accordingly, but on balance, there will be a balance. The levels can even go back up again, of course.

    Alternately, people who are perpetual ingrates, jag-offs, users, welshers, those prone to cruelty, lying, or other scummy behavior make hefty withdrawals from their empathy stores. As long as they don’t completely drain the vessel out, however, there can be hope for redemption. But completely tapping it out is hard to come back from.

    I have both former friends (and a sibling) who crashed their accounts with me. Drained the vessel bone dry. Hence my use of the word “former”.

    And when I look at the current state of affairs between the races on this planet, but particularly, between white and black Americans, I’m seeing the empathy levels reach all-time lows.

    It’s heartbreaking, really. But also, a cautionary tale is contained within.

    If things really do bottom out, one side of this equation is going to pay very dearly compared to the other side. I’m not even referring to anything as overt as violence, either. I’m talking about the white well of empathy disappearing completely. It will be then that the parasitic, the untested, the unskilled, the this=skinned, the perpetually aggrieved among us will be truly, and deeply…


    These BLM brats simply cannot see the forest for the trees. They represent the absolute pinnacle of quality of life and unearned entitlement that black people have ever known in the history of the world, and yet, this is what society gets back.

    This is the “reach-around”, the payback for $20 trillion in social experiments and white largesse.

    Thought experiment. If this movement continues, what will the job prospects be for kids of color this obnoxious, this oblivious to what they’ve been afforded?

    Would you hire them? And if you did, would you ever be rid of them?

    I’m just a white guy taking a little break from work here at my desk, but I don’t think it takes a huge imagination to see where this is headed.

  7. All blacks who are there on Affirmative Action “scholarships” should immediately dismissed, and booted from campus. All white students who have joined forces with them, should also be booted, since they are obviously Occupy left-overs, and not actually students.

  8. Good grief snowflakes come in black as well as white.

    Let’s see at $34,00 a year tuition their parents should demand they sit their lardy asses in class and make some effort to learn.

  9. LOL! Frankensteins are eating their hosts! Chow down!

    There are gonna be TONS of progtards flunking out of colleges this year because none of these morons are going to class.

  10. I’m tired of this. Can I be tired of this? How do we make these stupid people shut up and crawl back under their rocks?

  11. Had never heard of the school so I looked it up.

    Students can major in “Peace and Conflict Studies.”

    I wonder if BLM agitation can be used for extra credit.

  12. I’ll admit to the racism: These fat, disruptive, imbeciles with Black Immunity are racists.
    More indisputable proof that a University of Missouri diploma is utterly worthless.

  13. The ONLY “decent” thing about Guilford College is HARPERS II. The topless carwash at the top of the I-40E/I-85S, Guilford College/ Jamestown exit!!! It’s been close to 20 yrs since I was there, but there was this one dancer/car wash attendant who could’ve passed for the twin sister of Michelle Pfieffer… Man could that girl work a sponge!!!

    YOWZAH!!!! What? Oh sorry, got lost there for a second. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go um… check on something … uh…

  14. To Mizzou, Guilford, Yale, BLM, and all other Socialist Libtard Perpetual Victim whiners;
    “For BEHOLD! Here is my field of fucks! Behold that it is empty, dry, and barren! And I have none to give!”

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