Black Hunger Striker, Victim of White Oppression – Family is Worth 20 Million Dollars – IOTW Report

Black Hunger Striker, Victim of White Oppression – Family is Worth 20 Million Dollars


The father is the ultimate symbol of capitalism. He’s a railroad tycoon.

What a poor oppressed black man, a victim of white privilege.

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  1. Fucking attention whore. This is the guy that heard someone supposedly yell “nigger”, right? Over there, waaay over there, right? Like those Congressmen marching with Big Gavel Pelosi after they rammed ObamaCare up our asses.

    What is it about REgressives that they have to manufacture incidents to bolster their ideology? You’d think there would be so many of these hateful events, that YouTube would have 100s of them posted every day.

    Our colleges are the NEA’s wet dream. They pick right up where K-12 leaves off.

  2. It’d be interesting to.find out if daddy made his money the hard, old-fashioned way, or if got his start with minority set-asides, preferred minority government contracts and black cronies in government. Probably made out like a bandit in the high-speed rail boondoggle. And I bet he is– and his spoiled son is, for sure–a strong proponent of reparations.

  3. Hunger strike, the only way you die of hunger in the US is to be locked in a cell or in a desolate, deserted place.
    The minute he goes weak in the knees from hunger, they would call EMS. That won’t happen with that hidden stash of snickers.
    Put in the hospital, he would enjoy the best medical treatment available, paid for by his rich ‘rents.
    Call this assholes bluff, the ball players too, I am sure there are plenty of students who would love the chance to play.
    Once the players learned their idiotic demand has made them undesirable to ever be in the big show, they would return with helmet in hand.

    The biggest problem with this schools administrators is they are a bunch of pussies, never won a schoolyard fight in their lives and not about to start now.

  4. It is time to rename the generations: We have the Greatest Generation, the Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and now the Snowflake Generation. The first group that melts away if they are exposed to any heat, any opinions they don’t agree with, and an entire generation that expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. God help us.

  5. It’s time for daddy too do the right thing and cut him loose, you know that “tough love thing”. When he comes back home I would bet he has his head on straight, disrespectful punk.

  6. Wort 20 mill, and he STILL can’t dress proper or correctly.
    You can take the (****) out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the (****).

    Ya know, this just might be another data point in that ongoing argument over “nature vs nurture” (Dr Tar, earlier iotw post). In this asshat’s case, I’d argue for “nature”, because even though this asshat’s been raised in a wealthy home with lots of goodies (nurture), he’s still an asshat.

  7. Exactly right. Funny how the phones fly out of pockets to film the latest fight but they never seem to be able to catch racism in action.

    I guess we are just racist ninjas like that.

  8. Exactly right. I would have been fired if I was in charge because I would have immediately forfeited all the remaining football games.

    Let the geniuses then enjoy their free time and the fact there would be no NFL scouts checking them out.

    Never mind. This is Missouri we’re talking about, there is no danger of NFL scouts.

  9. I was listening to that in my truck. I liked the way Rush highlighted how stupid this guy would have to be to linger for 8 years and then cry about being abused or whatever. lol. He could have went to any school in the country, or the world with a rich father like that.

  10. Twenty Million won’t be nearly enough for the Law Suits that follow.
    I suggest they take the money designated for the foot ball team
    to pay some of the legal fees and show those black extortionists
    how things work when you get caught aiding and abetting.

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