Black Leaders Call on NYPD to Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit as Shootings Spike

National Review: Leaders in the black community are calling on the New York Police Department to bring back the plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit that was eliminated last month as shootings and murders spike across the city.

About 600 undercover officers from the unit were set to be transferred to other assignments including detective work and policing neighborhoods, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said a month ago. The anti-crime unit, which was responsible for getting guns off the streets, had been criticized as stoking distrust in law enforcement in minority communities.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, one of the African-American voices calling for action on gun violence, criticized the police force’s decision to completely disband the unit. He deplored the recent deadly shooting of a one-year-old, one of the victims of New York City’s recent spike in gun violence.

“I think that a total elimination is something we need to reevaluate,” Adams said, CBS New York reported. “Right now, bad guys are saying if you don’t see a blue and white you can do whatever you want.” MORE

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  1. The Philly Mayor has shut down all large gatherings except race protests. Those are allowed to proceed.

    On the one hand, it’s infuriating. On the other hand, these cities are filled with liberals so lets just sit back and enjoy watching it go down the tubes and ruin their lives. Hopefully, the very worst of it will be captured on video so we can all watch it.

  2. Hey people, keep electing Democrats to lead you. They’re going a stellar job, and their kids are safe, which is what should matter to you stupid voters and SJW’s.

  3. Dear Black community,

    Please figure out among yourselves, who your leaders are, so that the rest of us can have open and clear dialogue with those leaders and try our best to work with you to achieve safer neighbourhoods & more economic prosperity for EVERYONE.


    To Busy Working to Pay Attention to the minutia.

  4. Sorry – no can do. New York City isn’t quite a third world shit hole yet, but it’s getting closer. One more term for De Blasio should do it.

  5. What’s weird is my town doesn’t have an anti-crime unit yet nobody gets murdered.*
    * There was a murder in 2008

  6. As long as the thugs are killing each other then I say let them have at it. It can only improve the property values.

  7. I can feel the empathy of the commenters.
    I think it’s called Schadenfreude. And it’s delicious.

    You’re getting a time out.

    Sorry snowflakes.

    We’ll get back to you. At a time of our choosing.
    Not before you’ve learned your lesson.

  8. “ The city’s murder rate for the month ending June 7 has more than doubled from the same period last year, and shooting victims have increased by 45 percent.”

    This is what y’all wanted. You wanted to defund the police so those big meanies said “okay” and this is the result. But keep voting Democrat because they’re the ones who will let you tear down those evil statues and paint the streets ….. right?

  9. Hmmm. Black Lives Matter, Inc. didn’t count on blacks whose lives do matter wanting protection for their neighborhoods by local officials and police force. A group of Liberal/leftist so called “black leaders” seem to support the U.S. Constitutional unalienable rights, to obtain life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not a marxist “Utopia” of perpetual violent crime around every corner. The irony calls for a large bag of buttery popcorn.

  10. Kcir, I know you mean well, but black Americans don’t really need “community” leaders. The United States of America is a Constutional Republic. We elect representatives locally, statewide and federal to reflect and support us in our communities.
    American citizens are well represent in every aspect. We as a people just need good men and women who love and respect this country to fulfill the roles of representation.
    “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the Republican model of Government, are justly considered as deeply, perhaps as finally staked, on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people.”
    -George Washington
    Unfortunately, corrupt representatives have made this great nation seem less effective, but it is up to the American people to correct the damage by electing better representation and standing up for our God given rights, outlined by our Constitution.

  11. Didn’t anyone call the emergency social work department??

    “Jesse Jackson is not the king of black people!” Token Black, naggers.

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