Black Leaders Hit Brakes on Minneapolis ‘Defund Police’ Movement

RedState: In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, the rallying cry at the protests happening across the country that often turned violent was “Defund the police!” Defunding the police has long been a goal of the radical leftist extremists in the official Black Lives Matter movement, along with the group’s more prominent supporters like admitted socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her fellow “Squad” members in Congress.

In Minneapolis, the city where Floyd died after former officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for nearly 9 minutes, the Democrat-controlled city council rushed to vote to begin the process of dismantling the police in spite of the fact that parts of the city including a police precinct burned to the ground as rioters and other assorted left-wing mobs literally terrorized a local community and lit it on fire while police stood by helpless to stop them.

But though Black Lives Matter, AOC, and other high-profile Democrats have made it clear that no less than 100% defunding and abolishment of the police will do in their cities, there are Black leaders in Minneapolis who are putting the brakes on the whole idea for reasons up until this point were typically only mentioned by critics of the movement to defund police (bolded emphasis added):

“They have shown a complete disregard for the voices and perspectives of many members of the African American community,” said Nekima Levy Armstrong, a civil rights attorney and former president of the Minneapolis chapter of the NAACP. “We have not been consulted as the city makes its decisions, even though our community is the one most heavily impacted by both police violence and community violence.”

Others noted that it doesn’t make sense to defund the police, considering how leaders in the Black community trusted and could work closely with Medaria Arradondo, who is the city’s first Black police chief: MORE

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  1. I’ve sorta been hoping for the police to be defunded here, there’s a few neighborhood characters with overpowered stereos that like to play them in the middle of the night I would be able to take care of it I didn’t have to worry about the police.

  2. 3 months after they could have made a difference, black leaders announce this isn’t going as well as they hoped.

  3. Kinda reminds me of a blind drunk awakening in a jail cell in the morning wondering how they got there.

  4. My guess is that these and other responsible black citizens have statistically voted Democrat in years past; now while the thugs and white morons are getting “WOKE”, the citizens are “Waking” up to the smell of Trump’s law and order coffee. D’s are in bor a big surprise when Trump’s black base expands.

  5. “We have not been consulted as the city makes its decisions, even though our community is the one most heavily impacted by both police violence and community violence.”

    I think the community violence outnumbers the police violence by quite a bit in your ‘community’. BTW: Is there any leftie group that doesn’t have a community? I wish I had a copyright on the word so I could make some money off of these assholes.

  6. Now if we could only get the IRS police defunded we wouldn’t have to pay taxes that pays for so much governmental nonsense, crud and corruption!

  7. When they lose control of the mob goblins who turn their areas into burned out, looted shitholes they want the police to come back. Hypocrites and worthless fools don’t
    deserve the law they despised.

  8. Fuck em. The only reason they’re speaking out now is that they realize that America is being woken to the fact that almost all black violence is directed at other blacks while number two on their hit list are whites. If that truly sinks in to the electorate (including blacks who have been deluding themselves for decades) the dems and their plantation blacks may find themselves in a lot of trouble. I admit it’s a long shot but there is a chance.

  9. The “other” Black “leaders”? The ones who voted against Obama? The ones who told their followers to vote against Obama?

    Sure. I’ll give ’em a listen. Line ’em up. Well. Get on with it. I’ll wait. A while.


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