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Black Lives and the Death of a Culture

StubbornThings: “Black lives matter!” say the angry T-shirts and the sloppy signs. My first reaction to that statement is, “Okay. Sure.” And then they start chanting about killing cops and my brow furrows. What?!  And then comes the “hundreds of blacks are killed by cops every year!” and I wonder who’s feeding these angry folks this kind of nonsense. But I’ve been putting some things together lately and I’m finding a glimmer of understanding.

This isn’t about cops. It isn’t even just about race – though our administration would like it to be.

The media would like that too, as would the leftist college professors. They would like for it to be all about the nastiness of white America, conservative America. But it’s not about that. It’s about policy that has decimated an entire culture, made it rot from the inside out. It is about policy that was birthed in the Democrat party, in the hearts of those who value power above all else. It is no wonder that these young people are angry.

I remember a time when I saw our black population as a strong, long-suffering, admirable people who seemed able to carry both their towering dignity and their poverty with the same graceful walk. They wove African rhythms in and out of the Psalms, they turned those same rhythms into jazz, and the blues, and rock and roll. They infused our sports arenas with a skill and strength previously unimagined. Their pastors gave rousing, encouraging, commiserating sermons while those indomitable black women murmured “Amen, brother,” and flipped their paper fans in the air. Those same women often kept house and cooked for white women and then for their own families as well. They peopled our literature –Calpurnia and Tom Robinson, Alibeline, and Virgil Tibbs, and Jim on that raft on the Mississippi. They danced – Lester Horton and Alvin Ailey – two of the greatest choreographers of the 20th century gave us movement of unbelievable beauty and power. Black American culture had been forged in terrible suffering and had become something to be proud of, to be in awe of.

Where is that culture today?  more here

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  1. Great article. Absolutely true. But here’s where the rubber meets the road. I’m just a simple cracker that’s good with a gun. If me or mine are threatened it won’t look like the knock out game on You Tube. Somebodies gonna get a trench in their head.

  2. Once virtue is lost, it’s not likely regained. Blacks are increasingly the victims of societal social experimentation forced by the leftists who want to “help”, but who really are only interested in self-satisfying elitism.

  3. Funny. We on the right are viewed as racists for believing blacks capable and therefore obligated to pull their weight. Meanwhile the leftists are seen as tolerant and understanding for insisting they can’t possibly rise from poverty and assimilate as we did generations ago. Hence the crutch known as white privilege lest the fragile black man’s ego be further shattered.

  4. Screw the Left.
    Keep an entire race as pets and use their misery they created as a hot iron to brand the Right as the racists and their propensity to riot as tool and a threat to the public peace to achieve social engineering goals.
    Not to mention sanctioning the Murder of the Unborn and turning it into an industry funded by all, thus turning us all into unwilling partners in their evil.

  5. We have seen sixty years of so called “black leaders” preaching (?) that blacks are owed something; be it money, recognition , respect…whatever. Their history actually teaches them that the North and South actually fought a war JUST to free them! That illusion somehow entitles them to what they can scream for or take. With Uncle Samuel as their “hind teat” the lessons of self-sufficiency are not learned and the obamaconomy has left them nothing……….

  6. Like everything else on the Left, their names and slogans are always false and misleading and wind up meaning the exact opposite! Left is right, up is down, bad is good, and most recently counter clock-wise is now clock-wise…
    Black Lives Matter – Yeah, OK. It’s Sunday morning. Pick any inner city. Whut’s the Black-on-Black casualty count THIS week?
    Spare me the Bullshit!

  7. Excellent distillation of the reasons why the blacks in this country are where they are at. So now what?

    Frankly, I’m so past giving a shit. There’s millions of feral thugs that hate me because I’m white. Fine, I understand, your simple minded ignorance apparently was easy to germinate. And now the banana tree of stupid that are your lives is in full flower.

    Continue to wallow in your own excrement in your shitholes blaming everyone but yourselves for your dilemma. Your IQs are so low, you don’t even know it’s a fucking dilemma anyway. You’ve been bought off with free goodies, unfettered promiscuity and the victim card.

    I choose not to live anyway where there are more then a sprinkling of you, if that. The last 2 small towns I’ve lived in are virtually crime free. I can walk around at night if I fell like it. When I find it necessary to venture into an urban environment where I’m sure to encounter some of you, I’m armed and my SA is at DefCon 5.

    Too bad for the 5% of the black population that are decent folks but what you’ve done to me, you’ve done to millions of other Americans. It will only get worse in my lifetime.

  8. Yeah, but they just can NOT compete with the fifty generations of inbreeding that barry’s muzzies got going for them.

    Hey, and I want my cut of this… why don’t Barry give away and a trillion dollars or so to find out if fifty generations of inbreeding really does cause stupidity (and allegiance to islam) and that way he can give away even more of the private sectors money to the friggin third world rat-people, goat-people, and boat-people ??

  9. (…blacks are 12% of the population, but 78% of aborted babies are black)

    Hey, they don’t give a shit, I don’t give a shit. This is why I veer from other conservatives on the “issue” of abortion. I am all for it.
    Think of how much worse it would be if all those bastards survived.

  10. A very good article and well worth the read. A good, quick analysis of the problem faced by the black community and through them, all of society.

  11. “Black American culture had been forged in terrible suffering”

    More terrible than the Irish at the hands of the British?
    More terrible than the Thracians at the hands of the Romans?
    More terrible than the Jews at the hands of the Egyptians?
    More terrible than the Scots at the hands of the English?
    More terrible than the Negroes at the hands of the Arabs?
    More terrible than the Christians at the hands of the Ottomans?
    More terrible than the Ukraines at the hands of the Soviets?

    Give me a fuckin break.

    It is correct that socialism has done more damage, and probably more permanently, than slavery and Jim Crow, combined.

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